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Homes to Inspire | Modern Findings


Here we are, Friday again, and what better way to end the week then with a fabulously inspiring home. This was one of those random finds that caused my eyes to pop when I took in all the incredible images. Belonging to the blogger behind Modern Findings, a site dedicated to showcase personal collections and all things mid-century modern, this home is a shining example of how amazing mid-century design can look, when executed well. 

Adding to the impeccable styling, you'll notice that in every room are plants and rugs, providing splashes of greenery and bright colour. 

White walls and concrete floors provide the perfect canvas for an amazing collection of furniture, artworks and homewares. On Modern Findings, you'll find a full House Tour, room by room, including photos showing the house when it was empty. A few minor changes have been made, such as with the staircase. Wooden floorboards have been added to the top of each stair and the handrail painted black. Very clever - I'm certainly taking note!

I love the mix of Scandi and Japanese style homewares, like the black and white cups and teapot. 

Spot the design classics! Eames, Acapulco, Louis Poulsen.. the list goes on. That cactus pop plant is insanely cool and the Tivoli radio is on my wishlist for our new house. 

Simple white shelves in the kitchen showcase an assortment of lovely mid-century homewares, while subway tiles add a bit of texture. 

These images are all taken in the bedroom, one of my favourite rooms. There is a lovely sense of balance and proportion and I really like the ethnic touches. How gorgeous are those hanging plants?  

A bright blue framed poster makes a big impact here.

If you're a fan of mid-century modern, then you can also check out Modern Findings on Tumblir, where you'll find a constant stream of gorgeous images. Fantastic for Pinterest addicts, I'll be joining you for some pinning very soon! 

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Before I go, I just wanted to say have a lovely long weekend, if you're in Auckland or Northland. Monday is our Anniversary Day and we're very lucky to be heading up to Omaha tomorrow - my favourite beach, north of Auckland - to stay with friends at their beach house. I do however have a post prepared for Monday, so I'll see you then! 

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  1. oh my goodness! i need that chair, like today!

  2. I love it, such an eclectic mix of styles, which is why it appeals so much to me. I'm a sucker for any ethnic touches, so cool.

    Have a lovely long w/end. You're so organised having a post for Monday. Enjoy x

  3. Would you know where the stark print with the eyes are from?



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