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Guest Post | Amy from Milo and Mitzy


Amy from Milo and Mitzy is visiting today, and I'm thrilled that she's chosen to write about one of my favourite blogs, Weekday Carnival. In fact it's one of the blogs I recommend in the latest issue of NZ House & Garden. If you haven't yet grabbed yourself a copy, it's still available in stores. You can see my contribution on page 159! Meanwhile today I'm guest posting over at Cush & Nooks, so if you like, pop over here and have a look after you've read this! 

Over to Amy....

So cool to be back as a guest blogger on The Design Chaser, if you missed my last guest post, take a look here. A lover of interiors, fashion, photography, cooking, slightly obsessed with black and white and completely obsessed with my 3 month old baby girl, Frankie.

Today I wanted to share with all of you who follow The Design Chaser, some images that I have picked out from the home of Rikka, the writer of Weekday Carnival. This home demonstrates how to achieve a modern look yet still maintain a fun and youthful vibe, a look that I am sure you all appreciate. Weekday Carnival shares daily inspiration including DIY, kids decor, fashion and my favourite, a sneak peak inside Rikka's home.

To me this house is a perfect place to play with styles and add your own touch. The white canvas opens the doors to endless amounts of decorating opportunities. White can sometimes seem a little dull to some people, but as Rikka has done here in the dining room area, by adding a colourful light shade and a fun rug, you add so much character to the space. Find similar light shades here at Iko Iko.

The master bedroom I absolutely love. The bed linen is ridiculously cool. By mixing and matching the bed wear in one colour pallet, such as black and white, you achieve an appealing and playful look. By throwing on some new cushions you add a completely new dimension to the bed even if you are not looking to change the bed spread at any time. See similar linen here at House Hold Linens.

And lastly, not many people think to throw a long rug down below their bench, but again if you can do it, why not? Such an easy yet desirable look. Find similar rugs here at Siggada.

Happy decorating to you all.

Amy x

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  1. Great choice Amy, I love Weekday Carnival and Rikka's style. The simple styling in that first photo is genius! - the touch of ochre in the small print, the cushion and the glass dish ties everything together beautifully, and adds depth. x

    Michelle, will have to get a copy of NZH&G to see your contribution :) x

  2. What a great idea for you all to be doing a trio swap! Amy, I agree with Vic - great images. Nothing beats a white wall, I'm renting at the moment and miss my blank canvas of white walls... Very sweet collage of pics on the walls, I love it when people play with that - it's like art in itself. Mel x



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