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Interior Styling | Glass Domes


Often referred to as a glass cloche or bell jar, the glass dome originated in France for the purpose of protecting garden plants from the cold and frost to hasten crops to maturity. Nowadays glass domes still make lovely garden accents, but their uses have broadened. In addition to making great food covers when entertaining, they can be used to highlight beautiful flowers or fruit. They also provide an ideal way to showcase favourite objects, turning your tucked away treasures into beautiful still-life displays. 

Gass domes work well in any style decor. A collector's dream, they can be grouped together in different sizes, while those who prefer to keep things simple can display them on their own or alongside other glass pieces. Perfect for the festive season, why not use them to bring attention to gorgeous Christmas ornaments and decorations?

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  1. Love them - everything looks better under a glass dome. x



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