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I can't believe I have a total of 13,500 pins on Pinterest! That's a lot of pinning. Makes me wonder what I ever did before Pinterest. I've also nearly reached 2,500 followers. How crazy is that?! 

Here are my Pinterest moodboards for the week. 

I thought it was about time I did a moodboard for the men. For more fashion inspiration and also a board I really enjoy pinning to, take a look here.

I curated this moodboard for the recent long weekend in NZ. A breather before the silly season (aka Christmas) sets in, I was hoping to send out some dreamy, relaxed vibes. 

A thank you to all of you, for stopping by and reading not only my blog, but my daily updates on Facebook and following me on Pinterest! You really do make me super happy. 

Dark and edgy, yesterday's moodboard was for Halloween. I love that we're starting to embrace this celebration more and more in NZ. My two little batboys experienced their first trick or treating, along with some neighbourhood friends and family, and they had a blast!

This week's Pinterest spotlight is on Konfetti | By Lena. Lena is from Norway and has a gorgeous collection of boards that she refers to as her 'design-harvest'. I've been an avid follower of Lena for some time, and when you check out what she pins, you'll see why. Predominantly interior boards, curated with drool-worthy Scandinavian flair, she has many other boards such as photography, Christmas and shops. True to my pin-addictive tendencies, writing this post has has been continuously interrupted by my need to pin more of Lena's lovely images. For further inspiring finds, check out Lena's gorgeous blog, also called Konfetti

1 Pin | 2 Pin | 3 Pin | 4 Pin | 5  Pin | 6 Pin | 7 Pin | 8 Pin

Right, well I'm off to pin some more of Lena's gorgeous pins. Hopefully you'll be joining me! 

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  1. I popped over to Pinterest in the weekend, and kept seeing pin after pin of yours - all gorgeous! It is definitely easy to get lost on Pinterest and before you know it an hour has passed. I love your relaxed vibes board, I could do with a few of those vibes right now. x

    1. Yes, an hour or two! Same here, relaxed vibes and perhaps a glass of wine! Have a good night x



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