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Windows That Wow


By bringing in light, windows can really transform your living space, and if your home is small, windows will make the space appear larger. Aesthetically, the design of your windows can add character and style to your home.   

Windows are one of the first things I notice in older homes, especially those designed and built during the villa and bungalow architectural period here in NZ. I love the elegance of leadlight windows which were often made with brightly coloured glass. The childhood home I grew up in was an old bungalow and although it was extensively renovated, the beautiful lead light windows in the living area were retained. One of things that sold me on the first house we purchased was the pink stained glass windows. My husband wasn't quite so enamoured by these! Having mostly lived in older, character homes, I'm still getting used to the idea of newer style windows that we'll have in the house we're about to start building. In saying that, I am very much looking forward to the double glazing!

I hope these beautiful windows have inspired you. I'll be back tomorrow with Pinterest Picks & Peeks. 

All images via i n t e r i o r s 

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  1. I love character windows, we've got pink stained glass windows too. The arched windows are just divine. x



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