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Arne Jacobsen Cups


Small in size, big on style, these cups have become one of my latest design obsessions. The letters were designed in 1937 by famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Recently revived by Danish company Design Letters, for use on these beautiful porcelain cups, the timeless Bauhaus inspired typography is still modern and fresh today. 

It seems that no Scandi-style workspace is complete without one of these cups, either holding pens and pencils or a warm beverage. There's something so nice about having your own personal cup and I'd quite happily use mine in the office, kitchen, or even the bathroom to store my toothbrush. Of course a whole set would be even better - imagine being able to give visitors a cuppa with their own initial? Or why not use a 'T' for your tea or a 'C' for your coffee? Also a great gift idea, the options are endless! 

In addition to these gorgeous cups, Design Letters have expanded their Arne Jacobsen range to include wooden caps for the cups, a milk jug, a multi jar, a tea towel, espresso cups and porcelain plates. To see a slideshow of the full collection, pop over here.

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  1. They look fantastic, I'd love a collection of these. Do you think they deliver to NZ?

    1. No luck yet.. but I'm going to keep looking. I wouldn't mind becoming a NZ agent! Will let you know if I find someone x

  2. So simple, but often simple says it best. I'm also enamored with the cable knit vase! Thanks for the post and information.

    1. Thanks Cyndi. I agree, simple is often best! Good spotting with the vase, I like it too x



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