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Magazines | Ideas for the Home


Stack, store, recycle ... what to do with all those magazines? Assuming you still buy them of course. As much as I've embraced the growing trend towards online publications, I still love my fix of regular reads in good old-fashioned paper format. There's something about the tangible quality of magazines that I really enjoy and then of course there's that new paper smell. 

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now because I keep seeing clever ways of displaying or storing magazines around the home or office. If you have hoarder tendencies like I do, you probably need to cull some magazines first. That is unless you have a big unused fireplace (like in the first image below) or walls of shelving. Ask yourself if you really need to keep that collection of magazines dating back five years or more! If there are articles or pictures you'd like to keep, tear them out to file away or add to a mood board. 

As much as I love the minimalist look, I have yet to truly master the art of de-cluttering and I do like a few stacks of magazines around the house. One thing I insist on is white covers/spines, which you will notice from the images I've chosen below! Simple ideas like storing them in crates or hanging from a coathanger can look really effective.

Seen something here that takes your fancy? What do you do with your magazines?

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  1. Some great ideas. I love the wire hangers, so simple and effective.

  2. I have loads of old magazines! I just don't have the heart to send them to recycling and sometimes I love to sit down with some old magazines and flip through them. Right now I store some of them in piles on the floor and some are in piles on the shelf...

  3. some great ideas - there are certain publications I cannot get rid of. Nice post - just shared on facebook!



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