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Check In | Hotel Wiesler


I haven't published a 'Check In' post in a while, most probably due to my short attention span. I'm like a magpie, constantly being drawn to shiny new things. Luckily I keep a file of the hotels that have caught my eye and today I've been going back through them. I've chosen to write about the Hotel Wiesler in Graz, Austria because it has the kind of character I would look for in a hotel - if I was lucky enough to be travelling this far afield! 

Located in the heart of Graz, by the River Mur, the Hotel Wiesler was established in 1909. Although the historic building has been given new life, great care has been taken to preserve it's original beauty and the wonderful memories and stories that come with it. The result is a unique combination of old and new: beautiful vintage fixtures and striking modern design. An area known for its young creatives, Hotel Wiesler is surrounded by bars and shops. Favoured by cosmopolitan tourists and business travellers in search of contemporary urban luxury, the hotel's aim is 'for guests to enjoy the freedom simply to be themselves - in an open, international environment.' 

These photographs are stunning. I'm not sure who the photographer is but I love how they have captured the light.

See what I mean? Just dreamy... 

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