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Even though I've been repinning the work of Society6 artists onto Pinterest for some time, I didn't actually realise who Society6 was until I met Hilary Upton, the New Zealand artist and photographer who I interviewed recently. If you missed that post, take a look here. An amazing site for artists and art-buyers alike, Hilary is one of thousands of artists worldwide whose work is hosted by Society6 and is available as art prints, canvases, stationery cards, iPhone cases, iPhone, iPod, laptop and iPad skins!

Recognise these gorgeous photographs of Hilary's? Here they have been produced as an iPhone case (left) and Laptop/iPad skins (right). To see her entire range of products on Society6 pop over here

Society6 was started in 2009 by three friends Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall, and Justin Wills, to create as many opportunities as possible for artists around the world. Their membership is now up to tens of thousands of artists from over 80 countries worldwide. In a nutshell, Society6 enables these artists to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products – without giving up control of their rights. They firmly believe that the artistic process is just as important as the end result and that artwork should be made accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

When you buy a product from Society6, it is produced using only the highest quality materials and is shipped to you on behalf of the artist.

If you haven't yet discovered this online gem, you need to get on it. I have a new favourite artist every week! For this post, I've picked out a few of my current favourite prints to share with you. By the way, this art is incredibly affordable - prints start from as little as US$15 and at the moment there is free worldwide shipping until Sunday.

Locals Only - London UK by Natalie Nicklin

Skull 2 by Alli Gulec

Nothing More by Wesley Bird

Wander by Wesley Bird

Street Heart by Tim Jarosz

Salt Water Cure by Tina Crespo

Pastel by Kris Tate

NYC Vintage Style by Love2Snap

Texas Longhorn #1 by Christina Shaffell

Free Your Mind by Galaxy Eyes

Winter Horses by Kevin Ruff

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