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Homes to Inspire | Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


I recently discovered Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (JHID) and I'm so glad I did! Based in Portland, Oregon, Jessica heads a team of talented designers who work on the interiors of both residential and commercial properties. She takes a pragmatic approach to design by looking at spacial function and flow, and then applies the creative/conceptual elements by honing in on an idea or feeling that will ground the design. 

Jessica is always respectful of historical architecture in her work, ensuring that the design and materials fit with the building and its period. She then adds her signature style which is fresh and playful, layering in contemporary elements like lighting, furniture and art. 

I'm particularly impressed by Jessica's interest and support in green building and sustainability. Her family's home was remodelled almost entirely on reclaimed materials and they grow nearly all the food they eat! Not only that, Jessica speaks French and Italian and has lived and worked in Florence, Milan, Switzerland and France.

Bush Prairie House

The home I've decided to share with you is the Bush Prairie House in Southern Washington. JHID were hired to furnish the front rooms and the result is stunning. A standout feature is the  thirteen-foot-long dining table made from a five-inch-thick slab of reclaimed acacia wood, beautifully complimented by Hans Wegner wishbone chairs and a natural woven chandelier. I love the series of abstract paintings titled 'Momentum' by Portland artist Heather Watkins that are hung alongside.

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You can pop over to the JHID site here to see more of their gorgeous work but be warned - once you start browsing you won't be able to stop!  

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  1. I love how the fire place is seperating the living from dining area. And what a stunning pending light! That space has kind of a Scandinavian feeling.

  2. Yes - very Scandinavian. I think that's why I was so drawn to it.. glad you like it!



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