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Bri Emery | Design Love Fest


The Design Chaser entered the blogosphere fairly recently, spurred on by my need to find a space to share all that I love. I can't even begin to describe the joy I get from doing this although it's probably evident from how often I post and how excited I get over the homes, places, products, trends and people I choose to write about. The content of my blog has taken priority during this time and the design and layout has taken a back seat. For now. It's not that I don't want to 'pretty up' my blog - believe me I SO do - it's just that I don't yet have the skills or the means to pay someone to help! 

In terms of inspiration, there's certainly no shortage on the internet. I'm constantly discovering beautifully designed websites and blogs that send my heart racing. A lot of these sites belong to graphic designers (no surprises there) and today I wanted to tell you about one that has made a lasting impression. 

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest (left), with photographer
Angela Kohler

Design Love Fest is not a blog that I check in to every day, but it is one that I love to pop over to every now and then, and when I do, it's without fail that I get a design fix. 'Exquisitely curated layouts featuring bright colours and fabulous design, mixed with witty typography and a flair for the unexpected' sums it up perfectly. Created in 2009 by the talented graphic designer, Bri Emery, it may not be a daily read for me, but it is for over ten thousand people. 

Along with Bri, there are five other fabulous contributors offering their expertise on subjects such as colour, food, style and DIY. Bri also runs her own graphic design and branding studio, freelances as a commercial artist and until recently, was the Art Director of online publication Rue Magazine. Phew!! Her latest project is Blogshop, 'a one-of-a-kind 2 day workshop offering Photoshop classes tailored to the specific needs of bloggers'. Working alongside photographer Angela Koher, Blogshop is hosted throughout major cities in the United States and Europe. If they ever make their way Down Under, I'm signing up! 

Here's a sample of what you'll find on the 'interiors' category of Bri's blog.   

Bri's LA loft shows off her eclectic style. 

Photos are taken by Bonnie Tsang. You can see more of Bri's lovely home here

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  1. I have seen that Blogshop been advertised, i need it sooooo badly! I wish they would come to Dublin! Like you i dont have any graphic design background (or the money to get any of the cool software and learn how to use it!) so i rely on free tools around the internet. I was introduced to PicMonkey by one of the BYW2 students which is pretty cool for adding text and various frames. You've probably heard of it already but if not check it out! In the meantime lets lobby Blogshop to come to NZ and Dublin A.S.A.P! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi, i love of the Scandi 'eye candy' on your blog :-) Hilary

    1. I've just had a play around on PicMonkey - so cool and easy to use! Thanks for passing that on - I've just been using Picasa which is very limited. Off to play some more .....
      xo Michelle



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