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Natural Beauty: Nordiska Kök's Newest Wooden Kitchen Design


In recent years, the demand for wood kitchens has soared, and at Nordiska Kök, this movement shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, it's gaining momentum. Wood is inherently beautiful with a natural charm and offers an array of possibilities, providing tactility, warmth and timelessness in kitchen design.

For their latest kitchen, Nordiska Kök pairs dark oak and contrasting stone to create a warm and sophisticated feel. To elevate functionality without compromising on style, Nordiska Kök introduces clever custom-built solutions. I love how the coffee station is discreetly concealed within a sleek Pocket door cabinet, ensuring a seamless look. Additionally, the wine corner is thoughtfully designed with a bespoke wine shelf, providing an elegant touch. Anchoring the space is a generously sized kitchen island in striking stone, serving as a focal point for entertaining.

Johan Lundkvist, Creative Director and founder of Nordiska Kök says the kitchen has evolved into 'the new living room,' with their customers seeking more than just a functional space. They desire a kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflects their personality, meeting their design preferences, needs, and lifestyle. It has become a focal point for social gatherings, a versatile workstation, and a space for family gatherings.

Styling by Pella Hedeby / Photography by Kristofer Johnsson

Images courtesy of Nordiska Kök

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