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Nordiska Kök's 60s Inspired Kitchen with Architect Ingrid Pay


Nordiska Kok, in collaboration with Norwegian architect Ingrid Pay, has created a stunning oak kitchen that takes inspiration from the 1960s while blending contemporary design and functionality. The kitchen features warm natural tones with an unexpected blue contrast that reflects Ingrid's style - Scandinavian, with a forward-thinking twist.

Ingrid Pay's design philosophy highlights the intersection between mathematics and art, which she often expresses through lines - either sleek and straight, or experimentally bold. In addition to aesthetics, she prioritises quality and timelessness in every project. For her own home, which required replacing a 40-year-old kitchen, finding the right company to collaborate with was essential. Nordiska Kök's custom design process and unwavering focus on quality and detail made them the ideal partner to bring Ingrid's creative vision to life.

The kitchen's unique colour palette blends darker oaks and lively blues in a well-curated mix that creates an overall feeling of warmth. The soft corners and tactile detailing add to the soothing energy of the space. This aesthetic was the result of a compromise between Ingrid's desire for an old-meets-new aesthetic and her husband's preference for a traditional French countryside-influenced kitchen in green. The warm oaks and unexpected blues that resulted are colourful yet timeless.

In addition to the conscious colour play, the kitchen's design prioritises socialisation. Ingrid wanted to create a space that would naturally encourage family members to gather and connect. To achieve this, the kitchen table was placed in the centre of the space, resulting in a natural meeting point and a buzzy, homely feel.

Ingrid particularly loves the design elements of the lined glass doors on the display cabinet and the rounded corners in the kitchen. These elements, while modern, add a touch of softness to the space. 

For Ingrid, pursuing the architectural path was a natural choice. Growing up, her father worked in housing development, which sparked her interest in building planning and designing. Today, she owns her own business, Pay Hus, where she brings her passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces to life.

Styling by Susanne Swegen / Photography by Dag Sandven

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