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Village School House by Norm Architects


For their most recently completed architectural project Norm Architects have restored an old village school house, breathing new life into the building that dates back to 1721. Located on the Danish Riviera north of Copenhagen, the old school is close to the beach as well as lakes and unspoiled forests. Consisting of two timbered buildings with thatched roofs, the exteriors have now been delicately restored with respect for the traditional style in which the original school house was built. On the inside, the spaces have been thoughtfully modernised, with a minimalist glass connection inspired by the covered walkways of the near-by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Sculpture stool in lacquered, ebonised walnut by Nicholas Shurey

With an exacting yet warm Nordic style, the design centres around natural materials such as wood and stone, the use of natural light and Japanese references. Elements that Norm Architects are renowned for, the harmonious interior also features a striking floating staircase.

Beautifully curated, the interior consists of pieces from MENU including the Co Lounge Chair by Norm Architects, the Androgyne Lounge Table by Danielle Siggerud, the Tearoom Sofa by Nick Ross, and the Hashira Table Lamp by Norm Architects. The Ark Vase was also designed by Norm Architects for Origin Made, and the artwork is by Benjamin Ewing. 

Images via Norm Architects

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