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Norm Architects for L.Ercolani


Norm Architects have partnered with L.Ercolani on the design of two new product series, the Reprise chair and Canvas series. A sub-brand of UK furniture maker Ercol, L.Ercolani represents a heritage firmly rooted in a century of design tradition, continuing the legacy of well-built furniture, designed and crafted to be cherished for generations. A philosophy that Norm Architects understand intuitively, the Copenhagen-based practice were were able to channel this native familiarity into the collaboration, through a shared approach to craftsmanship and the use of honest materials.

An elegant statement piece for the contemporary home, the Canvas Cabinet features sliding doors and front covers with architectural references, combining form and function in an unassuming, sophisticated manner. Available in different sizes, the Canvas Tall cabinet pictured above is paneled in Kvadrat’s Hallingdal fabric. 

"To create the Reprise Chair, Norm Architects combined Ercol's traditional woodturning steam bending techniques with a classic Danish design from the 50's. The chair's legs are held in place with a singular, steam-bent piece of wood, paying homage to an Ercol tradition stretching back to 1944. The end result is a graceful, well-constructed chair with spindles for the legs and backrest" —Frederik Werner, designer at Norm Architects

The Reprise Chair is available in six wood finishes, with leather sling, canvas strap, or upholstered seat options. 

Styling by Sofie Brünner / Photography by Christian Møller Andersen

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