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SSM x Honst | A Sense of Belonging


Using leather as a natural component in all their products, Swedish studio Smålands Skinnmanufaktur (SSM) design and create beautiful, functional furniture and accessories for the home. With a small and intimate format that allows them to carry this out with both passion and presence, they care deeply for the environment, collaborating with the world’s only environmentally certified tannery — Tärnsjö tannery — with the intention that each piece ages gracefully and becomes more beautiful each day they are used. They also believe their products are brought to life when they become a part of a context, when they take place in someone's life. This has led to some beautiful stories including their most recent, A Sense of Belonging, created in collaboration with production company Honst. 

She observes the surroundings with tender eyes. She walks in the wind, in between carved shapes and through a curtain. Her hair tied up. Her hand sweeps over the weaved seat. Nature surrounds her with a sparsely coloured sky. A natural transparence. This is her space. 

A dedicated woman is passing. Sculptural forms appear everywhere. Everything is work made by hand. Here is room for art and craftsmanship. Here is room to create and here is room for life. 

The air is filled with anticipation. Nothing blocks the scene. Beneath her feet, the ground feels plain. She carries a secret. Lying down, her body stretched out. She is taking her time, slows down, pauses and breathes. Her dreams are realised and a sense of belonging is born. She is home. 

SSM, Smålands Skinnmanufaktur

Production by / Art Direction by Hillevi Magnell / Styling by Johanna Pilfalk  / Photography by Judith Kirkhoff & Ellinor Hellberg / Copy by Hillevi Magnell / Model: Judith Foitzik

There is also a beautiful film to accompany the story. 

And in case you missed it, check out SSM's previous story collaboration here. 

Images courtesy of SSM

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