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Moebe Launches Ceramic Lamp Collection


Formed in 2015 by architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinet maker Anders Thams, MOEBE is a Scandinavian design studio that creates a range of products and furniture for the home. Now, for the first time, they have launched a beautiful collection of lamps that includes a table lamp and two pendants, all handmade from ceramic. 

Beautiful in its simplicity, CERAMIC PENDANT allows you to illuminate directly or at an angle. This is due to the lamp's unique shade, which while circular at the base, is rectangular at the top, where the cord hangs freely. The unique design allows the shade to angle left, right and completely rotate around, changing its expression between cone and cylinder. As these beautiful images demonstrate, the pendant can be used as a single piece by the side of a bed or sofa, or grouped together. I think they look amazing hung at different heights above a dining table.

Available in two sizes and left unglazed, the pendant has a beautifully raw finish that is matt and fine-textured. Because the body is the handmade, every lamp varies slightly in shape, size and colour, making each one unique. 

Sculptural in form, CERAMIC TABLE LAMP is a lamp that can illuminate in all directions. With a simple touch, the lampshade can pivot up or down and rotate around, to allow the light to focus in one direction. 

MOEBE have become known for developing products with new techniques that bring together different materials and elements, while striving to reduce their designs to the most simple form. In the case of the table lamp, the conical shape of the body allows for the bulb to be secured in place whilst giving the shade the freedom to be completely adjustable. The ceramic parts are handmade, unglazed and left raw, with colour pigment blended into the porcelain itself.

As shown above, the stunning lamp can be positioned on a shelf or bench to provide backlighting, or on a desk or sidetable for more direct light. 

To find out more about the new collection, visit

Images courtesy of MOEBE 

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