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Reform to Launch Three New Kitchens by Acclaimed Designers


The Danish design company Reform are launching their latest kitchens designed by internationally acclaimed architects and designers, Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio, and Muller Van Severen. All have applied their award-winning skills to Reform’s growing design family, resulting in uncompromisingly modern kitchens that push the boundaries of conventional industry thinking. Due to launch at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, the new designs offer bold, new perspectives from the Scandinavian kitchen reformers. 

FRAME in dark oak by Note Design Studio  

Known for their uncluttered, people-centred kitchens, Reform makes room for personality. Creating space to let architects and designers explore new territory, the process is very much a collaborative one. Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio and Muller Van Severen each build on Reform’s rethinking of the conventional kitchen by adding their own distinct point of view to Reform’s kitchen series. All while sharing a common aim with the Danish company in their persistent dedication to timeless craft and durable design. The outcome is three unique, forward-thinking kitchens designed to withstand the ongoing wear and tear that comes with contemporary living.

FRAME in white by Note Design Studio

Multidisciplinary and forward-thinking, Stockholm-based Note Design Studio have a vibrant design portfolio that ties together a diverse range of creative impulses. Their kitchen design is no exception; nature’s rich and varied colour scheme is a strong influence in an oak-led solution that takes in multiple viewpoints from the studio’s 16 designers and architects, and makes them come together in sturdy panels and solid wood for the protection of your pots, pans and essential everyday items.

In FRAME, honoured Scandinavian design meets Note’s renowned, contemporary creativity for an updated take on the classic kitchen that merges the clean lines of the north with a warm and tactile, human-centred approach. 

FRAME in blue by Note Design Studio 

As you can see, FRAME comes in a choice of three coloured kitchen fronts, and different design varieties. My favourite is the dark brown oiled design paired with stainless steel handles and Corian countertop in soft colours inspired by nature. 

Read more about the FRAME design details here

MATCH by Muller Van Serveren

Working at the intersection of art and design, the globally acclaimed Ghent-based creative duo, Muller Van Severen, are far from your ordinary design team. In their new kitchen design, the creative pairing mix and match materials, aesthetics and design practices to surprisingly captivating effects.

In MATCH, unorthodox elements like the duo’s signature material – the durable and wax-like polyethylene traditionally used in cutting boards – are merged with classic, yet playful features like brass handles and a lush marble countertop. Muller Van Severen have crafted a kitchen, which is as tough and resilient as it is extraordinary and inspiring.

MATCH by Muller Van Serveren

The MATCH kitchen fronts come in six bold colours, allowing for striking combinations that add to the kitchen’s distinctive character and expressive look. The material comes without surface treatment, making the design raw and honest in a tactile and textural way. The doors, drawers, side panels and additions are all compatible with IKEA’s METOD products, and the MATCH countertop is made from marble, in a choice of Calacatta Viola and Bianco Caretta. Traditionally used as a high-end material in luxurious kitchens, the marble takes on a new and contemporary appearance in Muller Van Severen’s inspiring design through an inviting, polished appearance, and as an elegant contrast to the more graphic HDPE material. 

See the full range of MATCH options here

MATCH by Muller Van Serveren

Known for balancing classic design history with a modern design language, David Thulstrup’s contribution to Reform's kitchen series goes deep into modern simplicity with a pared-back take on tradition that draws on the prize-winning architect and designer’s keen eye for laying bare the essence of materials. 

Matte, glossy (coming soon) and brushed surfaces are interchangeable options in a kitchen that feels iconic yet remains refreshingly contemporary; deep colours and bold textures like granite sit neatly alongside the matte, industrial sheen of brushed aluminium and stainless steel for a look that’s raw, honest and elegantly unfiltered. Designed to last in terms of style as well as materials, PLATE is classically modern and big on sincerity.

PLATE in glossy white by David Thulstrup 

PLATE is defined by white or brown kitchen fronts layered with aluminium plates available in a modern, painted version as well as in a hand-brushed version. The countertop comes in solid, stainless steel as well as two modern granite varieties; light-grey Belgian granite and Baltic brown light. I love the depth and texture created by combining the brown fronts and granite. 

PLATE in matte chocolate by David Thulstrup

PLATE in brushed by David Thulstrup

You'll find more information on PLATE here

Reform have showrooms in New York, Berlin, and Denmark, with new showrooms opening in Los Angeles, Cologne and Hamburg later this year.

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