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Astep | 2019 Novelties + Beautiful New Imagery


Founded by Alessandro Sarfatti, contemporary lighting brand Astep combines a rich history of Italian design with traditional Scandinavian sensibility to create timeless and elegant products. Alessandro continues on the path devised by his father and grandfather, bringing the experience, knowledge and future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured over three generations. Bridging this with the latest developments in digital technologies, Astep represents an admiration for timeless inventions. Objects that, regardless of when they were designed or made, retain their edge and their capacity to enhance the manner in which we live.

Model 2109 designed by Gino Sarfatti and part of the Le Sfere collection for Flos with Sarfatti

Astep is made up of two collections. The Astep Collection takes lighting in new, innovative directions with an understanding and respect for tradition. The products are guided by the experience and passion for lighting design that has been nurtured in the Sarfatti family for three generations, combined with new knowledge and an open mind in a continued quest for substance and meaningful design. 

The capsule collection Flos with Sarfatti is a tribute to the great Italian master of light created in a close collaboration between the lighting companies Astep and Flos.

Having admired this inspiring brand for some time (we have the Flos with Sarfatti Model 2065 pendant light in our dining area at home) I'm in awe of the beautiful new imagery, and I'm excited to share some of my favourites with you today. With styling by Pernille Vest and photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt, they showcase both collections, including new releases for 2019.

— Astep Collection —

Earlier this year Astep reintroduced a new suspension light in handblown opal glass. SB Cinquantotto, designed by the architectural duo Santi-Borachia in 1958, hence its name, has for more than half a century, held a special place in the Sarfatti family. The main features of the minimal design are a characteristic, subtle shape and a simple wire mounting that allows the black cord to run freely along the thin, seemingly transparent wire. The pendant is made of frosted opal glass, handblown with traditional Italian craftsmanship, and a truly timeless material that diffuses light perfectly. 

SB Cinquantotto comes in two sizes. The original size with a diameter of 32 cm has a strong presence in the room and is a perfect companion for the dining table, as shown below. The smaller version, with a diameter of 20 cm, has a slightly more modest expression and volume but shares the same timeless qualities.

SB Cinquantotto designed by Sainti-Borachia, the Astep Collection 

The VV Cinquanta collection is a versatile, timeless lighting collection by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganò. Created from an innovative, mid-century Italian design spirit, it embraces the values that are at the very heart of Astep: a progressive attitude, objects invented from a wish to make an impact and design that strives to enhance our daily lives. 

VV Cinquanta Collection 

With respect for the origin of the design, Astep’s roots and the proud artisanal and industrial traditions, the VV Cinquanta collection is made in Italy and comes in four models, as shown below. 

VV Cinquanta Floor 

VV Cinquanta Suspension

VV Cinquanta Twin

VV Cinquanta Wall 

Nox is a wireless portable lamp that embodies the playful and innovative energy of its designer, the Swiss Argentinian product designer Alfredo Häberli. Named after the Latin word for night, Nox features a wireless charging system with induction technology developed by Astep that enables the lamp to be free of any cables or plug for a clean modern aesthetic. Highly portable, for use indoors or out, Nox also features a touch dimmer, making it ideal as a bedside lamp with ample light for reading, or as a cosy soft light for dinner parties.  

Nox portable lamp by Alfredo Häberli

— Flos with Sarfatti —

There are two new additions to the Flos with Sarfatti collection for 2019. The Model 537 table lamp was created by Gino Sarfatti around 1950 and features a refined simplicity, rich materials and ingenious, playful design. The large aluminium reflector in black or white is mounted asymmetrically on a burnished or polished brass stem, which is carefully twisted in a beautiful balancing act, coming to rest on an elegant marble base. As a vital part of the design, the stem reaches out through the reflector and beyond in a backward motion, giving the top of the stem a dual function as playful feature and practical handle. 

While the integrated handle has become a frequent feature in today’s designs, Gino Sarfatti was clearly ahead of his time, with a vision to make light portable. Model 537 is effortlessly carried by hand from the desk in the home office to the living room, the bedroom or any other setting that calls for diffused light. 

Model 537 table lamp by Gino Sarfatti 

Le Sfere Plafone, Model 2042/6 from 1963 is yet another of Gino Sarfatti’s beautiful interpretations of the luminous sphere reintroduced for 2019. The refined ceiling light is composed of six blown opaline glass spheres, which are inspired by the natural poetry of the moon. Supported by a painted aluminium mount and structure with a Black or Champagne finish, Model 2042/6 perfectly embodies the wide range of usage, from exclusive private interiors to commercial settings. 

Le Sfere, Model 2042/6 

In addition to the new Model 2042/6 ceiling light, the Flos with Sarfatti collection includes the following members of the Le Sfere family: Model 237 and Model 238, a wall lamp with either one or two spheres in two sizes, and my absolute favourite, Model 2109, the iconic chandelier. With either sixteen or twenty-four spheres that comes in selected sizes, it is truly exquisite. 

Model 237/2 & 238/2

Le Sfere, Model 2109

Showing the incredible diversity of the Flos with Sarfatti collection, here are some more of the timeless designs on offer, all designed by Gino Sarfatti. 

Model 2065

Model 548

Model 1095 & Model 607

Model 2129

To find out more about these collections and products visit 

A selection of Astep products are available in New Zealand from Good Form.

Styling by Pernille Vest / Photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt 

Images courtesy of Astep 

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