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Modern Times Launches Sand Sea by Brooke Holm


Launching this Thursday at Modern Times, Sand Sea is the latest body of work from photographer Brooke Holm. The exhibition will present nine photographic landscapes shot entirely in the Namib Sand Sea. The oldest desert in the world, where vast and inhospitable stretches of sand dunes stretch for over 80,000 kilometres and transform under the African sun in stunning gradients or red, brown and pink, these new works are breathtaking. 

Diving into the expanse of the Sand Sea, it appears never-ending. The ribbons and patterns in the sand are intricately formed, with each detail perfectly positioned as if there were a mastermind at work. With wind blowing in from the hinterland and coast, particles and dust are gathered to form enormous dunes, their magnitude seeming nearly impossible to comprehend.

“On first glance, the photographs bear a resemblance to the human body, reminding me of our complicated relationship with nature and its magnetic pull on the human subconscious” Brooke elaborates. 

Brooke Holm’s portrayal of the dunes bears resemblance to the human body, in an array of flesh tones that cascade and blend with each other. Her aerial perspective and the way she frames the vastness that appears before her show transience and movement in precise detail. Seen on location below, Brooke photographs the landscapes in an intimate way, celebrating the smaller details of a much larger picture. 

Visit Modern Times to find out more about the exhibition and to view the catalogue. 

Images courtesy of Brooke Holm 

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