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Lotta Agaton Interiors for Norrlands trä


I've been adding these beautiful images styled by Lotta Agaton Interiors to my Instagram 'saves' all week and thought it was about time I did a little research into the Swedish brand Norrlands trä, and what they offer. As expected from the imagery, the findings are incredibly inspiring and I have to share. Specialising in wood, the company has a strong sense of tradition and inherited professionalism that comes from many generations.  Though modern technology is used to streamline and find new solutions, the human hand is still largely present, and a passion and respect for raw material is visible in all of the products, from wooden floors through to wood panels used for walls and kitchen cabinetry.  

I've just been re-reading some of the This is Home book by Natalie Walton, and there is section about wood that really resonates. It's such an honest, raw material, and so often the preferred choice, especially for lovers of Nordic design. Natalie includes a quote of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright who called it 'the most humanely intimate of all materials.' I can't help but be reminded of this when reading about Norrlands Trä and their passion for wood, which is part of their cultural heritage. Sustainability and respecting the environment are integral, with their surrounding Norwegian forests as their primary raw material. Respecting the environment comes naturally, and when it comes to people and the designs, this is what they have to say.... "For us, human beings are in focus. It is important for us to harmonise function and design so that our panels and floors create both beautiful and functional living spaces for a long time. In short: we want to create a better living environment in every room."

Interior styling by Lotta Agaton Interiors with 3d renders by Illusive Images

In terms of the end result, I think these stunning images speak for themselves! 

You can read more about the history of the brand and the products on offer at

Images via Norrlands trä Press

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  1. Some stunning examples of how to use wood in a contemporary and very natural way. From the flooring and furniture right the way through to the paneling, everything exudes such a wonderful feeling of calmness. The office shot, with the bedroom in the background, is my particular favorite.



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