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Erik Jørgensen Presents Earth Layers


At the end of May 2017, Erik Jørgensen opened the doors to their gorgeous new Home Collection showroom in Bredgade, Copenhagen. Travelling over to attend the opening was the highlight of my year and now just one year on, the renowned Danish brand have revealed a brand new look for the incredible space. Revealed at 3 Days of Design, I've been in awe watching the reveal of Earth Layers from afar and I'm thrilled to be sharing the official imagery with you today.

The 1,000 m2 showroom is shared with Montana, with Erik Jørgensen located on the ground floor and Montana on the first floor. Presenting a landscape of complementary colours created by interior stylist Pernille Vest, Earth Layers is a truly exquisite setting to showcase the Erik Jørgensen Home Collection framework. 

Designed to provide a holistic experience the new showroom features different rooms united through warm, complimentary tones. The placement of furniture creates the the idea of small art installations, where one experience slides into the other. By pulling the furniture into the space, the various pieces are displayed as small works of art. 

“The furniture appears as components in a landscape of complimenting colours, tone in tone. The aim has been through our choice of colours to create a soothing and inspiring atmosphere, which combined with the location of the various pieces of furniture in relation to their surroundings, provides an instant calm and serenity." —Niels Jørgensen, CEO Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik

The Earth’s clay layers have been the very source of inspiration for the colour selection. The walls feature a natural lime wash in chalky colours providing a beautifully soft new look. Because the light is a key element, the curtains have been removed and instead different mirror installations have been installed, creating alluring reflections in each of the rooms. 

“Through the colour tones of the furniture, we have tried to embrace and substantiate their mood with naive objects formed in clay and stone. It’s the details and nuances that make the difference, and the overall experience is calm, sensual and down to earth. Each room reflects different levels of the Earth’s clay layers, from ‘Sandy Dust’, to ‘Stony Gray’ or ‘Warm Soil’. With the new showroom ‘Earth Layers’, we have created a holistic experience, where the furniture and the art grab your senses. — stylist Pernille Vest.

Such a breathtakingly beautiful space, I hope you're feeling as inspired as I am! 

Images courtesy of Erik Jørgensen

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  1. I must admit, the space is beautiful! I agree with the placement of the furniture complimenting one another and creating a warm environment! Great post and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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