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Sleepyhead Launches new Sanctuary Bed + Headboard


Today's collaboration began last year when I was looking to upgrade our mattress. I have a history of back issues that began during my ballet days but nothing prepared me for an excruciatingly painful slipped disc in my lower back. This happened about a year and a half ago and despite treatment and lots of exercises it was a slow road to recovery. I knew that our old mattress wasn't helping, but I didn't really see the light until last year, following on from two trips to Europe. After sleeping on quality hotel beds and firm mattresses, I couldn't believe the difference it made to my back and sleep. Each time I returned home I would wake up aching after just a couple of nights returning to our bed. Knowing it was time to make a switch, I didn't think twice about contacting Sleepyhead. Their Sanctuary range which I have had the pleasure of styling previously for this shoot, is designed to provide the best sleep ever. Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association, it combines luxury materials like wool and silk with the most advanced comfort technologies. Not only does it provide the ultimate in comfort, it virtually removes partner disturbance. 

Every mattress and bed are made to order by Sleepyhead expert craftsmen, using the finest materials and construction techniques. After testing out the different Sanctuary mattress options in store (we decided on the firm) we waited with excited anticipation for our mattress to arrive. From the very first night it has been an absolute life changer. I no longer have to take a heated wheat bag to bed to deal with the pain in my back, or get up in the night to stretch. I'm sleeping so much better and I wake feeling refreshed, rather than tired and achy.

Following the success of Sleepyhead’s luxury Sanctuary range, the New Zealand company has launched a range of designer headboards. Available in black, charcoal, pearl and silver, they have been designed to transform any bedroom into a stylish haven. As part of our collaboration, I got to style the brand new Sanctuary bed and headboard. Featuring the unique Sensorzone sleep system, a beautiful velvet base and headboard with a classic tufted design, you can also add drawers to your base for extra storage.

“At Sleepyhead we’ve spent 81 years perfecting the best night’s sleep and know how important it is, not just for your bed to be a sanctuary, but also the whole bedroom environment. The headboard puts a finishing touch to the bedroom, and makes it so much more comfortable when you’re reading, watching TV or having a cup of tea in bed.” - Sleepyhead's marketing manager Warren Roach

The velvet finish and plush headboard provides comfort, cosiness and added luxury. Expertly crafted using premium materials, a 5 star experience is guaranteed!

To create this bedroom look, I chose the delicate pinstripe linen duvet set from Cultiver. A perfect pairing with the dark grey velvet of the sanctuary bed, I then layered a mix of complimentary pillowcases with a grey throw to tie the look together. Warm wood is a favourite element of mine and this has been introduced by way of the side table and framed canvas. The second side table in brass adds a little more texture, further enhanced by the gold Fritz Hansen blanket by Jaime Hayon draped over the chair. The rounded shape of the &Tradition Formakami pendant light also by Jaime Hayon contrasts with the lines of the bed and artwork, softening the overall look.

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

For more information on the Sanctuary range, and a list of retailers visit

Hay Bella side table -
Table lamp -
Sanctuary Bed & Headboard -
Cultiver Pinstripe linen duvet set & linen Euro pillowcases with border -
Botanical pillowcase & grey throw -
&Tradition Formakami JH4 pendant -

Blyth Mini carafe (set of five) - 
Warranbrooke Shore Grey One framed canvas -
Hay Slit Side table & Fritz Hansen Throw by Jaime Hayon (on chair) -

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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