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The Greenhouse Collection by Silke Bonde


Recently moving into a new house just north of Copenhagen, Danish artist and designer Silke Bonde now works from her home studio, with a view to a beautiful greenhouse. A room cultivating lush green plants that Silke says extends summer by four months, I imagine it must be wonderfully therapeutic when the winters are long and cold. Able to work with her hands, feel the light and see the plants grow, the greenhouse is such a special place to Silke, it even inspired her latest art collection. Consisting of six different art prints, the Greenhouse collection showcases new and refreshing designs with green watercolour nuances.

I love how the round design of the artworks contrast with the square frames. As these beautiful images show, the prints are designed to fit together. Displayed as a pair, trio or as an entire set, the prints allow for many variations on the wall, shelf, or a mix of both!

Styling and photography by Avenue Design studio

GicleĆ© printed on 265g heavy art paper, the beautiful Greenhouse collection is now available to purchase from

Images courtesy of Silke Bonde

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  1. Love this idea so much, add a nice touch to the interior!

  2. Beautiful prints, and the styling too.

    Besma | Curiously Conscious



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