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TDC x BoConcept Sofa Series | Part II


Continuing on from Part One of my BoConcept Sofa Series, I have now narrowed down my shortlist to three beautiful sofas; the Carlton, Adelaide and Osaka. Choosing from the diverse range on offer, I wanted the design to differ from our current Carmo sofa, while still maintaining the Nordic look I love. Though the sofas have three different and distinct designs, they all feature my 'must have' elements; clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship and superior comfort.

When choosing a sofa it's important to identify your own personal style and the elements you'd like to bring in to your space. If you need assistance, you can book in to see one of the BoConcept interior designers. This free service can be carried out in your home, or you can bring your floor plans along with any inspiring images you have collected to the store. The other tool which I personally find invaluable is the BoConcept Home Creator. By creating 3D design options for each of the three sofas, I was able to obtain a visual reference for each look, and accurately judge how big I could go in terms of sofa size. Although I had been leaning towards the Carlton Sofa early on, this step strengthened my decision by showing exactly how it would look in our open-plan living space. Wanting a change of configuration from our modular Carmo, I decided to go with the two separate sofas this time around. The Home Creator gave me complete confidence in choosing the right sofa sizes - a 3 seater and 2.5 seater. Here are some of the 3D Images created with my living room dimensions, and three sofas on my shortlist. Covering all bases, the options include a modular configuration and a sofa with armchairs. 

Next up, I need to choose the right fabrics. One of my favourite parts of the process, I love that BoConcept have such an extensive range and I'm really excited to be choosing two different variations this time around, one for each sofa. During the last sofa series, I brought home some of the leathers home to see how they looked in our space. While I didn't end up choosing leather, the look and feel definitely resonated with me and I've made the exciting decision to include a leather sofa this time around, for the 2.5 seater. 

To get started I head in to the beautiful Auckland showroom to check out the range. In addition to leather I keep coming back to the Napoli fabric. Soft to touch, it has a beautiful textural feel thanks to a distinct cord-like pattern. With a slightly vintage feel, the Napoli also works perfectly with the Carlton sofa  which was inspired by the atmosphere of elegant homes from the late 60s and early 70s. Choosing the right colour is also a huge factor, and I select a few different shades in the Napoli including a soft grey and warm brown. Armed with three different leather samples in different shades including caramel and a darker tan, along with some rug samples, I'm ready to see how they look in our space. Much like paint colours, I like to use large swatches and observe how the fabrics look as the light changes throughout the day. 

Creating a mood board with smaller fabric swatches is also a great idea. I find it helps me hone in what I am wanting to achieve for the space in terms of look and feel.

I am very happy with my final choices which include the light silver Napoli fabric and light caramel Oxford leather.  They compliment one another beautifully and will provide a nice change from our existing dark grey sofas. 

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC 

I can't wait for the new sofas to arrive! Over the next couple of weeks I will show you the outcome. 

As mentioned previously, I'll be running a silent auction in collaboration with BoConcept for our Carmo sofa, with all proceeds going to a wonderful NZ charity. Details will follow on the blog soon. 

This post was created in collaboration with BoConcept. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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