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News from Lindebjerg Design


After having her own interior shop for many years, Copenhagen-based Mona Henriksen's lifelong fascination with furniture led her to launch Lindebjerg Design in 2011. Designing and building furniture with clean lines and a simple, Nordic expression, the pieces are now sold in design stores across most of Europe. Mona says that while furniture serves a practical purpose such as storing something, they can also affect the entire mood of a room by the way they look. I couldn't agree more. Designed to last for generations, the furniture is made from natural materials such as pine and oak.  Here's a look at some of the most recent releases.

Expanding their furniture collection with three new tables made from solid oak, their strong form is softened with a curved-edge table top, resulting in a light and elegant aesthetic. The three sizes offer versatile options including a low-level bench, coffee table and console. I really the love the narrow, elongated design. See the full T1 series here

As a soft embrace, the Dark Oak series from Lindebjerg Design creates a beautiful frame around the content of the cabinet. The stained black cabinets show the magnificent structure of the wood and soften the minimalistic design expression.

The N4 Cabinet embraces the growing trend towards compact living which is especially popular in big cities. With a depth of only 25 cm and a width of 70 cm, the cabinet can be hung most places without taking up any floor space.

Perfect for those who love acquiring and displaying ceramics and stoneware, the N1 Cabinet is for the collector. Like putting a stunning piece of art in a frame, the cabinet provides a beautiful way of displaying favourite objects such as tableware, art pieces and other collectables. 

For more information on the N-series, take a look here

Images courtesy of Lindebjerg Design  

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