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Apartment Stories


Hopefully you will have been following my latest adventures on Instagram. I've just returned from an amazing design tour in Spain and will be sharing all my new discoveries with you very soon. Along with the planning of this series, I'm also juggling the second week of school holidays (a mountain of washing and a frightening number of emails), so please forgive my lapse in blogging. Today I'm stopping by quickly to share something that recently caught my eye, a new Stockholm based interior brand called Apartment Stories.

Inspired by the elegant interiors of the great architects and interior designers of the early 20th Century, Apartment Stories offers a selection of beautiful objects for the home including mineral stones, velvet cushions and an understated round brass framed mirror. Made in Sweden and Europe by skilled craftsmen, the products have been beautifully styled, further enhancing their appeal. 

Seen on Vosgesparis / Images via Apartment Stories  

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  1. Thank you for linking up and I can't wait to read your Sunny Design stories ;)

    1. Thanks for the intro Desiree! Isn't it an amazing design tour? I'm looking forward to sharing x



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