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A New Project + Wise Words from Pella Hedeby


This beautiful show home created by Pella Hedeby for JM is a lesson in light and airy Scandinavian interiors. With an appealing palette that combines neutrals and a touch of soft colour, the interior showcases the timeless quality and effortless, relaxed style that Pella is known for.

Prior to posting imagery of this project on her blog, Pella shared her mood boards along with her vision for the interior in this post. An insightful read, Pella explains her styling process from planning through to sourcing textiles, furniture and furnishings. With a focus on soft fabrics she says these were used to create both a cosy feeling and contrast to the modern lines of the architecture and furniture. Both new and vintage furniture has been chosen with longevity in mind as Pella says she wants to inspire people to create a home and furnishings that they can live with for a long time, from both a stylistically and aesthetically practical perspective.

Interior styling by Pella Hedeby / Photography by Kristofer Johnsson

To see the full house tour and product details take a look here

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  1. Such a wonderful interior, the colour palette is the definition of calming and it amazing to see Nina Holst's work displayed!! Great find and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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