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Bench Seat Styling


I've talked before about my love of bench seats, including this feature on The Sunday Bench, which is a wonderful addition to our dining table. So much so, I haven't yet utilised it other areas of our home as I had planned, but I'm sure it will happen in due course! Such a versatile piece of furniture, bench seats certainly provide plenty of styling opportunities. Ideal for the end of the bed, check out this TDC post for some great ideas. Being narrow, they also lend themselves to hallways and living room corners. Providing a place for everyday items and to display plants, books or other favourite objects, I love seeing a statement artwork hung above a bench seat like in these examples below. 

Photography by Magnus MÃ¥rding via Anna Gillar 

Styling by Anna MÃ¥rselius / photography by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine 

This next bench seat, the cork Sinnerlig by IKEA, is placed below a striking gallery wall and provides a simple, low-level shelf for books and objects. 

Styling by Scandinavian Homes / photography by Kronfoto

The latest House Doctor catalogue features some great bench seat options including this zinc one, which has a cool, industrial style. Taking place of art, a wall-hung mirror would be perfect for a hallway. 

Stack your magazines on top of the bench seat, or for something different stack them underneath and lean framed prints on top. If you have space for it, a bench seat also works well behind a sofa. This long wooden one by House Doctor is perfect.

Images via House Doctor

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  1. The paintings really lift up the room in my opinion, in a good way of course. Love the robust tables as well, really cool looking stuff! Good job!

  2. Love the look! May I ask where the leather animal is from? So cute! Thank you



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