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TÊTE-À-TÊTE incendere


It's no secret that I have a weakness for beautiful scented candles but with so many on offer these days, it takes something really exceptional to catch my eye. Exquisitely presented with a fascinating backstory, TÊTE-À-TÊTE incendere immediately made me sit up and take note. 

It began in the winter of 2013 when creator Vicki Kim decided to capture a cinematic moment from 1967 film, The Graduate. The concept of the candle was very simple - when Vicki was young, she’d experienced a form of synaesthesia that allowed her to ‘smell’ movies, and she wanted to find a way to share this with others. Inspired, she decided to pursue a personal project of capturing the essences of characters, moods and atmospheres, and then composing them as perfume notes to complete the olfactory experience. Original, evocative and lyrical, TÊTE À TÊTE allows you to contemplate a memory, a preserved fragment of time. 

Since the initial launch, the brand has grown to contain four signature fragrances, each taking inspiration from an iconic cinematic moment. In addition to The Graduate, there’s Great Expectations (1998), Raise the Red Lantern (1991) and The Blue Lagoon (1990). Having always found smell to be the most powerful memory trigger, I find it intriguing how Vicki has made the connection with such iconic movies. I can only imagine how amazing these fragrances must be! 

Currently residing in Sydney, Vicki was born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in New Zealand. A graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in NYC, she has worked with various international luxury companies such as Cartier and Bulgari. Turning to her love of industrial design, Vicki spent 12 months designing and developing a new look for TÊTE-À-TÊTE incendere. Relaunched this year, the fragrances are housed in a beautifully crafted vessel that is truly timeless. Showcasing Vicki's thoughtful and considered approach to design, the metal holder allows you to slot in fragrance wax refills, to be retained and enjoyed over and over. 

Styling by Joseph Gardner and photography by Daniel Gurton 

The replacement soy wax candles are designed to fit perfectly inside the bespoke candleholder / Photo by Sam McAdam-Cooper

Two years into the business, Vicki still mixes every batch of fragrance by hand in her small studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney. A true testament to her passion for creativity. 

Visit TÊTE-À-TÊTE incendere to shop online. International shipping is also available. 

Images courtesy of TÊTE-À-TÊTE incendere

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! I wish the shipping wasn't so brutal to Denmark!



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