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Dulux | Summer Interiors Inspired by Nature


As part of the recent Dulux 2016 Colour Trends announcement I was very lucky to receive an incredible bouquet of flowers and collection of room scents, which you may have seen me share on Instagram. A collaboration with Lucy Houghton of Lu Diamond Flowers and master perfumer Emma Leah of Fleurage, Dulux created a true sensory experience to showcase the four themes that make up the exciting forecast, Infinite Worlds, Bio Fragility, Retro Remix and Future Past. In particular I was drawn to the Summer palette Bio Fragility which under the creative director of Australian stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King tells of beautiful summer interiors inspired by a soft collection of muddy pastels derived from nature. 

I love that the palette has evolved from the pastel feel of last year to a more muted one. Taking inspiration from nature by way of moss, stone and chalky elements, the colours work well paired with neutral accessories to create beautifully soft and subdued combinations.

Comprising delicate hues such as greys, dirty pinks, nudes and natural greens, Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says the key colours of summer, such as Dulux Mangaweka, Old Eagle, Silkwort, Partita and Manorburn Half, create a beautiful, tranquil setting that is very easy to live with in the home. “Homeowners can create a relaxed interior with beautiful detail by introducing these gentle summer hues that add a touch of colour but are not overwhelming. Pale colours derived from natural matter creates softness in a space and can be counterbalanced with unexpected mixes of warm and cool shades together to add interest.”

Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King / Photography by by Lisa Cohen

With summer calling for a more refined offering of hues, the season’s colours can be easily adapted to virtually any room. For those not bold enough to transform an entire room, try using these refreshing and light colours in smaller volumes on accents, trims and accessories.

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Images courtesy of Dulux

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  1. Beautiful details! Pink nude colour and natural greens look to be very well together! http:/

  2. I'm loving the colours (and that console table <3 ) but the perfectionist in me is angry at the 'merging' of the paints on the wall. Just looks messy :/



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