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TDC x BoConcept | Part II


Following on from last week, where I chose the stunning BoConcept Carmo sofa for our living room,  it's now time to pick the fabric and modular design. After looking through the vast selection of materials and colours options in store, I picked out some favourites to take home, where I've been able to look at them closely in our space alongside our existing materials, textures and colour palette. 

In addition to choosing the right colour, which is of course a big factor, it's also really important to us that the fabric is hard wearing. BoConcept carefully select and test all their fabrics and leathers according to look, feel, utility and strength. Their leather range is incredible, and I couldn't resist bringing home a few, including the gorgeous 'Colorado' samples in a both a grey and tan. 

I had a lot of fun draping the fabric around the living room, and seeing them paired with our home's monochrome palette and main elements, including our ash wood flooring, blush tones, muted shades, and natural green, marble and metallic accents. Creating a little moodboard also helped with the overall vision.

In the end, the Lux Felt Fabric won out. Made from NZ wool, it is the most durable fabric from the collection. With longevity in mind (and two young kids) this is a huge plus for us! The Lux Felt also defines the shape and detail of the sofa beautifully, and I simply love the distinctive Scandi look and textural feel of it. Available in nine different colours, the green toned Lux Felts were surprising standouts, but the two grey options were immediate contenders. I know that light grey works well in our living area, but being that it is time for a change, I chose the dark grey. 

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

Very happy with this decision, I love the depth and contrast of the dark grey Lux Felt fabric against our natural flooring and white backdrop. With the colour locked in, it now comes time to decide on our modular design. 

The Carmo sofa is made up of many different fully upholstered modules, making it possible to re-arrange the sofa and customise different combinations. It was really important for me to visualise the configurations in our space, to ensure we got it right in terms of size. Using the BoConcept online 3D design tool Home Creator, the interior designers sketched our living room and inserted the sofa, customising the modules, including the colour and fabric. Proving invaluable, this tool not only enabled us to see the many different configurations, we ended up going bigger than we initially thought possible.

BoConcept also offers a free interior design service, so if you need someone to come to your home and bounce your ideas off, contact your nearest store or book an appointment online. The interior designers are on hand to help you with any scheme, ranging from one piece of furniture, single rooms and small apartments to big houses and corporate spaces.

I'm excited to now have all the 3D designs, which showcase five different ways we can configure our Carmo sofa in our living room. Make sure you follow along over the next couple of weeks when the sofa arrives. I'll be sharing how it looks at home, as well as all the different configurations. 

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with BoConcept 

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  1. Absolutely amazing images, and I think you chose right with the dark grey instead!! :) xx

  2. I knew you were going to pick dakr grey as your arena cement sofa is quite light, thus you'd want a change :)

  3. I realise you posted this awhile ago now but we are currently going through the same process of selecting our combination and fabrics and it was great to see that you chose the same options as us. I think that we will also go with the dark grey. I love the single matt black chair shown too. Would love to know what it is please?

    1. That's great Belinda, you will love it! The J104 chair by Hay. Here is the link:
      x Michelle

  4. Great blog! Im going through the same process with the Carmo but don't have a local store so taking a risk by reviewing pics and reviews (yours - very helpful!)

    Could you tell me how comfortable the couch is and how the felt material has held up over time?

    Much appreciated!


  5. Thanks Claudia. The Carmo is incredibly comfortable - I talk about this more in part 3&4 of the series so make sure you check those out too. The fabric is still in excellent condition. We have a no-food rule but it gets jumped all over by my young boys so I think that's a pretty good test. I hope that helps! x

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear that you're happy with it. Have you noticed any stretching or pilling of the lux felt fabric over time?

  6. Hi from Dublin! I too am coveting the lux felt material in dark grey (for the Fargo sofa). I am in love with it although leather was our original choice as we have 2 small kids. Tell me am I mad thinking of following my heart with the lux!? My husband needs a small bit of convincing :)

    1. Hello! We have 2 small kids and the Lux felt has been amazing. More than two years on and it's still in excellent condition. x



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