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Cafeine Architectuur & Interieur Fotografie


Today I discovered, a Belgium-based architecture and interior photography company founded by Thomas De Bruynen. I have since spent the better half of the morning looking through both their inspiring portfolio of work, and many of the architectural firms that they work with. As is often the way I now have a ridiculous amount of tabs open and my mind is buzzing. Getting back on track for today's post, I've selected a few incredible shoots by to share with you. They all have beautiful lighting, textural elements and amazing contrasts. 

Architecture by Frederic Kielemoes

Freedom's Road by The Right Side, shot for Arplus architectuur & interieurprojecten

Architecture by Frederic Kielemoes

As someone who spends a lot of time behind a camera, intent on creating beautiful interior imagery, I'm constantly learning and working on improving my skills. I've learnt to focus on proportions, composition and angles, using my eye for what will work well in a frame (for the blog and social media), while at the same trying to capture both the interior styling and flow of the space. It's not easy, but seeing this calibre of work fuels my passion and I want to keep learning and improving. 

An incredible mix of natural materials, the Pastellone floor and lime plaster walls are by Odilon Creations, designed by Chielens Interieur at Duinbergen Strand

Shot for K Vorm

Shot for Hvo

All images via and their Facebook page

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