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Fantastic Frank | Bedside Styling


If there's one area of home I like to keep as pared back as possible, it's the bedroom. I love climbing into bed at night surrounded by a simple, uncluttered space. I have just a few necessities on the bedside such as a book or magazine and hand cream. On the wall I currently alternate between one of my Penney + Bennett prints, a simple magazine tear sheet or fave black and white photo. I like the bedsides to be asymmetrical, with the one exception being our Tolomeo wall lamps on both sides, which I love. 

The bedrooms that I've selected here are all from Swedish real estate site Fantastic Frank. There is always so much interior inspiration on there and for today I have selected some great examples for the bedside. 

Styling by Josefin Hååg and photography by Mikael Axelsson via Fantastic Frank

The stylists that Fantastic Frank collaborate with are incredibly talented in creating homes that are relaxed and livable in a very unique, organic way. We all have our personal interior wishlists of beautiful pieces that we want for our homes, but as these images show, if you utilise what you have to create beautiful, simple compositions the results can be stunning. 

Styling by Josefin Hååg and photography by Joakim Johansson via Fantastic Frank

The bedroom above has such a peaceful vibe created by the pared back styling and a soft, neutral palette.

Styling by Josefin Hååg and photography by Joakim Johansson via Fantastic Frank

Monochrome styling with an industrial edge, I love the quirky picture wall and marble shelf below the window. 

Styling by Emma Wallmén and photography by Anna Malmberg via Fantastic Frank 

A simple moodboard created from magazine tear sheets, I like the blue denim theme. 

Styling by Ida Cederlöf and  photography by Joakim Johansson via Fantastic Frank 

A great way to keep your favourite artworks on rotation, I often wish I had a bit more space on our beside to lean framed posters against the wall. 

Styling by Emma Wallmén and photography by Jessica Silversaga via Fantastic Frank 

A beautifully styled vintage desk makes a great side table, while the the grey wall and brass accents make this bedroom bedside a standout.

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  1. Great selections! I especially love the first two! :)

    Don't miss my OPENHOUSE give-away this week!

  2. Got to love Fantastic Frank for their styling - I always visit their website for inspiration! Great selection.

    Marta |



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