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Robert Mills Architects | Bayside


Together with his team of residential architects, interior designers, heritage architects and project managers Robert Mills is responsible for some of the most innovative and inspiring residential projects around the world. From ultra-contemporary city residences to elegant heritage restorations, from grand country house designs to some of the most architecturally exhilarating beach houses, Rob Mills’ unique style flows through every single one. The Bayside apartment project which I've chosen to share with you today showcases a winning combination of aesthetic beauty and functionality along with the signature touches found in all of Rob's iconic Melbourne homes. These include clever use of light, air, simple palettes and organic materials such as natural stone and oak timber flooring. Spacious and elegant with a touch of luxury, what more could you ask for? 

To see many more of the firm's breath-taking interior and architectural designs take a look here.

Thanks to Blog Milk with images via Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers

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  1. This is amazing!!! Love the pictures! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous interior! I don't know why, but the first picture somehow reminded me some photos of your home - I think it must be because of the large windows with black frames and the position of kitchen island next to it :) Have a great week! xx

    1. Thanks Anu. What a big compliment! I know what you mean though... our pitched roof has a similar look x



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