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Goldsworthy | Ballet Collection


Goldsworthy is an Auckland-based design studio creating idea-led design for enquiring minds. Founded in 2006 by Nathan Goldsworthy, their award winning furniture has been exhibited here in New Zealand and abroad. I recently featured their Double Happy Bench in this bedroom seating post and at the time made a note to share more of their stunning work with you. In particular, their new Ballet collection designed by Goldsworthy for Backhouse really struck a chord with me. Years of ballet training that took me overseas after I left school to study full time has left me with a huge appreciation for this art form. To see how it has inspired the design of furniture is alluring. The collection beautifully captures the moment in the fluid movement of the dancer and in the words of  designer Nathan Goldsworthy "gives visual expression to the intimacy of furniture”. 

The high back chair is like the secure hold of one’s beau. The embrace of the armchair is generous and comforting, lending itself to long lunches and longer conversations. The Ballerina table similarly resembles a dancer, with a tightly corseted waist. The table is both a pedestal for a meeting or cafe table, or it can be paired for a much longer meeting or dining table. The beautiful pieces are available in both natural and black finishes. 

The Ballet Collection beautifully styled with NZ artwork including Land Grabber by Gavin Hurley and Hydrangeas by Derek Henderson
Photography by Garth Badger, Thievery Studio 

For enquiries regarding the Ballet Collection, other work or commissions as well as a list of retailers, visit Goldsworthy.  

All images courtesy of Goldsworthy

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  1. Just gorgeous! I love the subtle colours.

  2. The blue vases with the armchair are wonderful!



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