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Setting out to curate this month's Instagram post, where I pick out some of my favourite photos, I started to think about how much my work on this social media site as evolved. In the scheme of things, I joined up pretty late in the game, but it was the right time for me. Instagram has always been about sharing my styling work, usually at home which in a way doubles as my 'studio'. While I do occasionally share my blog posts on IG, I find Facebook to the best platform for that, and I prefer sharing my own photos, rather that the work of others. I almost always use my camera now which I love, and I much prefer editing in Photoshop than using iPhone apps. Filters are now a thing of the past!

In terms of followers, I was very excited (and a little stunned) to have passed the 50k mark this week. Instagram plays a huge role in the work I do, and looking back over my photos from the last month I found it really hard narrowing down the selection. Because I get asked so many questions I've got into a habit of tagging the brands and stores featured. This includes those I'm currently collaborating with, or just the products I'm loving right now. To see these over on IG (when they are not included in the caption), just tap on the image

Images via @thedesignchaser

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to enter this week's Jane Denton Worldwide Artwork Giveaway - it's a beauty! 

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