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Soothe your Senses this Summer with Soft Tones from Dulux


This summer, Dulux brings Wholeself to the forefront, one of the four colour palettes identified in the 2019 Dulux Colour Forecast, Filter. A soothing theme, and my personal favourite, it will see interiors embrace the idea of soft minimalism, with palettes featuring gentle, nurturing hues, contrasting textures and dustings of mint and lemon. With the wellness movement in full swing, the focus in design will be on creating calming, reflective interior spaces that allow us to block out the visual noise and turn our attention to self-care.

This beautiful collection comprises muted shades of powdery pinks and warm neutrals, enlivened by accents of muted citrus and a minty blue-green. It speaks of simplicity and understated luxury and pairs beautifully with this season’s mid-tone timbers, soft undulating lines and relaxed design detailing.

“The Wholeself palette is all about slowing down and tuning into the things that really matter,” says Dulux Colour Specialist, Davina Harper. “Wellness has emerged as a major theme in the design world for 2019, with many of us looking to switch off our digital devices and focus on nurturing our tired bodies and spirit. The Wholeself palette brings this theme to life.” 

Gentle colours that provide a serene yet cocooning feel, these are layered with subtle textures, that hint at creative exploration and new beginnings. Powdery peach/pink has emerged as a key base colour, with accents of clay, gold and blue-green adding a fresh, modern spin.

Davina adds “This palette is a significant shift from the playful brights and rich, luxe tones of last year. Rather than looking outward for inspiration, this season’s understated colours and intriguing textures draw you inwards and encourage moments of stillness and mindfulness."

As always with the Dulux themes, the idea goes beyond paint colour. By pairing back the unnecessary, we can then surround ourselves with furniture and accessories that serve a purpose and bring happiness. Environmental awareness will also be an important thread running through design in 2019; rather than discarding those pieces we no longer have a use for, we’ll be encouraged to repurpose or reimagine them in a new way. 

The gentle, reflective colours of the summer palette are easy to live with and work beautifully with Dulux Most Loved WhitesAn alternative idea, which I love, is to pair them with the neutral greys and greiges that are so popular right now.

The key when choosing colours from this colour trend is to think about how they'll work with your existing furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. You should also factor in the room type and any colours in adjoining spaces. One area this palette works particularly well is the bedroom. In this space it can create a calm and restful feel. For smaller accents in other rooms, you could use them on a single wall, a feature nook, a piece of furniture or a door.

Styling by Bree Leech / Photography by Lisa Cohen

A theme that really speaks to me, I think the imagery illustrates the ideas perfectly with serene spaces that are incredibly warm and inviting. Featuring colours from the Wholeself palette, these include two of my favourites, Dulux Muriwai and Dulux Hopelands.  

For a closer look at the summer colours, along with some styling tips to go hand in hand with the new palette, take a look here

Images courtesy of Dulux

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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Bondi Wash Opens Second Flagship Store in Sydney


Bondi Wash has opened the door to its second flagship store on Oxford Street in Paddington. Located within close proximity to Sydney city, the Paddington store has been created as a sensory experience allowing customers to explore the brands’ unique native scents and products and to discover the beauty of Australian botanicals and the effectiveness of natural ingredients. As with the brand's first store in Bondi, the concept references ‘an Australian interpretation of a French perfumery'; warm and inviting; a place to feel welcome to test the scents and products without pressure to buy – a little like walking into founder Belinda Everingham's living room’. 

Capturing the brief beautifully with the first store, Sydney design duo Mr and Mrs White were enlisted to create the same feel, while at the same time reflecting the sophistication and rich history of the Paddington area. Executing their signature simple yet beautiful design, Mr and Mrs White have created an interior that sings. With a mix of natural tones, colours and materials, the space allows the Australian flora and products to shine. 

Two of the key materials are green onyx, which is reminiscent of a green pond or the grey-green tones of eucalyptus leaves, and natural oak. A beautiful pairing, I particularly love the curved counters. Planter boxes line the walls and are perfect for displaying the sculptural foliage of the Australian bush, while brass accents are featured throughout. This accent was chosen in reference of the extensive use of brass used in Victorian homes in the early 1900s when Paddington was being settled. Archway shapes around mirrors, doorways and in the furniture reflect the beautiful architecture of the era.

Photography by Joshua White 

I couldn't resist sharing that last photo! In store you will find the full range of Bondi Wash products across categories of Home, Body, Baby, and Dog, along with an exclusive pre-launch of Wyalba natural perfumes, which capture the wild natural beauty of Australia. These have been developed by Belinda Everingham in collaboration with artisan perfumer, Samuel Gravan.

The new Bondi Wash store is located at 396 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW. 

Images courtesy of Bondi Wash 

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BoConcept | New Design Catalogue + 10 Year Anniversary of the Imola Chair


It's that time of year where Danish brand BoConcept releases their new design catalogue for 2019, and I'm always excited to get my hands on a copy. The pages are filled with design inspiration and new pieces for the coming year. These are already arriving in the showrooms, and today I've picked out a few favourites to share with you.

Madrid coffee table and Miami sofa 

First up is a statement modular design, the Miami sofa, designed by renowned Danish designer, Anders Nørgaard. Sofa demands and tastes change, but a mainstay of contemporary Scandinavian sofa design has long been the modular sofa. The designs offer true flexibility and embody BoConcept’s principle of providing customers with adaptable solutions that fit into their homes and the way they live.

With statement looks delivered in a marriage of comfort and simplicity, Miami features thick, pillow-like forms and pared-down details. Gentle curves and the absence of hard edges are calming, while high, broad armrests heighten visual comfort, adding a sense of seclusion. The look is finished with long, clean-styled legs with exposed under-frame; raising the form and giving the silhouette a light stance. The design is built around three module types: a one seater (two size options), a corner unit (with left or right armrest) and a pouf in two sizes.

Madrid coffee table & Luca Recliner chair

The new Madrid range of dining and coffee tables are designed by world-renowned designer, Morten Georgsen. With on-trend circular table tops, Morten Georgsen emphasises the shape’s perfect geometry, pairing it with a seamless hand-carved cone base. The base is cast in concrete and is the product of a process that takes a staggering six weeks. The coffee table come in two sizes, with two adjustable height options, making it perfect for nesting configurations. When I visited the showroom there was an alternative design with a minimal tube base frame that incorporates a shelf, also cast in concrete. The shelf is a great feature for a coffee table, providing a place for magazines, books and everyday items. Madrid’s table tops come in a range of materials, including ceramic, white, smoked and clear glass. The Rust ceramic paired with the Black concrete base is one my favourite coffee table combinations. 

Designed to be both space-saving and effortlessly communal, the Madrid dining table promotes a sense of intimacy that is perfect for dining. See the entire Madrid range here

Madrid table & Adelaide chair

The new collection also coincides with the 10 year anniversary of an icon, the Imola Chair. Designed by Henrik Pederen in 2008, the brief from BoConcept was to create a timeless recliner chair. True to his nature, Henrik showcased something radically different. An organic design that mixed evocative curves, sharp edges, and visual tension. A chair that was in his words, “...more about the flow of the pen than rules of geometry.” The chair was Imola, and to celebrate 10 years, BoConcept is offering 600 limited-editions, handcrafted in an all-new colourway — soft, luxurious black velvet with new matte black wireframe base. Each one-of-a-kind Imola will include its own numbered plaque, brochure, and certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition Imola chair

There are only a handful of craftsmen in the world qualified to make the Imola chair. That qualification takes approximately a year and is only given to highly skilled upholsterers – and for good reason. Stretching such taut upholstery over Imola’s sculptural form is physically demanding work, which requires years of experience and a meticulous eye for detail.

Henrik Pedersen designs for clients all over the world, and has, in addition to the Imola chair, conceived some of BoConcept’s most-popular products, including the Adelaide collection and Monza table. With a focus on warm minimalism, his design language is a blend of comfort, natural curves, clean lines and honest materials – honesty being one of his mantras. For more insight into the celebrated designer's world and the making of an icon, read In Conversation with Henrik Pedersen.  

Amsterdam sofa

The 2019 collection sees BoConcept unveils the Amsterdam sofa, also designed by Henrik Pedersen. Luxurious and architectural, this for me is a standout piece. A rich blend of opposites, Henrik Pedersen juxtaposes the sofa’s voluminous cushion forms with slimline angular legs. Sharp, precise lines meet sweeping curves and contemporary design gets mid-century detailing, with bolster cushions and piped seams.

I wasted no time testing out this modular sofa at the Auckland showroom, and I immediately noted a high level of comfort. Designed to suit changing needs, all of its sides come fully upholstered, meaning modules can sit in isolation in any room position. Amsterdam currently comprises a chaise longue pouf and four modules: a 2.5 seater with one armrest (left or right mountable), an open-end available in two sizes, and a corner unit. All modules can be linked together with durable under-frame clips.

Amsterdam sofa

BoConcept's first ever design, back in 1952, was a sideboard, and storage has been a big focus for the Danish brand since. For 2019 they have expanded on their vast range of storage with some exciting new designs, all conceived by celebrated Danish designer, Morten Georgsen. These include updates to the successful Lugano base cabinets, as well as new products including the Sydney trolley, Bordeaux leaning rack and hanging rack.

Sydney trolley

A mainstay of any chic 1960s home, the bar trolley has made a big comeback. BoConcept's Sydney trolley features a stylish and durable metal tubular design and is perfect as a mobile stage for plants, accessories, lamps. Of course it also makes a sleek drinks trolley, ideal for entertaining, as it glides along on rubber-rimmed wheels, with wooden inserts to match the shelving. Clean and balanced with a contemporary twist, the Sydney is available in two colourways: white with oak or black with walnut. Both beautiful, I can't decide which one I like best! 

Lugano sideboard

Since its launch in 2014, the Lugano system has been a favourite worldwide. Now with new wood veneer fronts for a refreshed premium look, the update comes in two options: walnut with black grooves and matt white lacquered with white grooves. The new Lugano is made in the brand’s own Danish factory, where 98% of BoConcept’s wooden furniture is manufactured with pride.

Bordeaux wall system - leaning rack

New metal Bordeaux racks embody the characteristics for which BoConcept and Morten Georgsen are famed — minimalism, functionality and elegant simplicity. Effortlessly versatile, the Bordeaux leaning rack requires no wall fixing, and as such can be moved around the home with ease.

Bordeaux system - hanging rack 

The minimal wall hanging rack comes in both horizontal or vertical orientations allowing it to be used in a myriad of rooms from the entrance hall to the living room or even the bathroom. Both the hanging and leaning racks come in either white or black.

You'll find all you need to know about the new collection in the new design catalogue. Either read it online, or order a copy here.

Images courtesy of BoConcept NZ

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Homes to Inspire x Three


Time has not been on my side of late, as I'm sure my regular readers will have noticed by the lack of blog posts. I have been taking on more styling projects which I love, but it does take time away from the blog work. One of my new year goals is to figure out how to juggle the two areas of my work more efficiently! 

I started this post last week as a 'Real Estate Round Up' with inspiring homes from some of my favourite Swedish real estate sites. I'm not they are all still listed, so it's simply become three different but equally beautiful homes that I hope will inspire you as much as they have me!

I love the positioning of the artworks in the living room and bedroom in this first home. It takes some skill to create gallery walls like this, and these are my idea of perfectly imperfect. The arched windows in the kitchen are a lovely feature and the black and white tiled splash-back is really eye-catching! 

Styling by Grey Deco / Photography by Mariah Sahlander for Bjufors

In this next home I was struck by the bright and beautiful living room with its huge windows, unique coffee table and shelves displaying a gorgeous collection of objects, lighting and books. And back on the topic of hanging art, what I love about low level shelves like this is that you can display artworks on the wall above.

The dark walls in the bedroom provide a striking contrast to the rest of the house and create a really cosy atmosphere.

via Stadshem

This next home features a gorgeous kitchen with dark herringbone flooring and cabinetry. The matching vertical shelves are a cute element that makes great use of vertical space in the compact area.

via Entrance Makleri

I love the combination of dark wood, white and light grey! 

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Lovisa Häger creates the Colorful Studio for Wall of Art


News of this project and exhibition arrived while I was in Sydney last week (more on that soon) and because it runs for a short time, I decided it couldn't wait until Monday!

Earlier this year I introduced you to interior designer and blogger Lovisa Häger of An Interior Affair. A super talented creative whose work I love, I was excited to learn of her latest project for Wall of Art. Decorating their new Colorful Studio in Stockholm, the exhibition is currently showing the limited edition art collection based on the different color characters Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. 

The exhibition is based on the colour personality types (DISC) and Lovisa said she interpreted how people would possibly decorate a room based on a reflection of their colour personality. She says "I don't know if this colour psychology is as hot of a topic where you are, but here in Sweden it's been quite controversial! The artists who work with Wall of Art have been asked to create art pieces reflecting one of the personality types, and they've all interpreted them in a different way".

A new concept to me, I couldn't resist doing a bit of my own research online, and while I'm still a little undecided which colour I am, I'm definitely most drawn to the green space. I love this earthy hue, and the way Lovisa has layered soft tones of grey and beige. 

The artworks are showcased alongside beautiful curations of furniture, lighting and accessories. Lovisa said she also had the opportunity to include some of her own designs, primarily the pedestals, dining table, desk and sofa table. All part of a furniture collection she is releasing soon, the pieces look stunning.  I can't wait to see more!

Photography by Jesper Florbrant 

The exhibition runs until the 4th of November. To find out more about the collection along with the personality types and how they translate to the spaces Lovisa created, visit

Images courtesy of Lovisa Häger

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