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Massproductions | Now Available from Simon James Design


In 1999 two designers, Englishman Chris Martin and Swede Magnus Elebäck, met and started working together as consultants in the furniture industry. Continuing to work side by side for the next decade, they went on to launch their own furniture company Massproductions in 2009. Developing high quality, tactile furniture, the award-winning Stockholm based design brand is now available in NZ from Simon James Design.

With a shared neo-modernist vision of functional, elegant design, the Massproductions founders decided to break free of PR-driven product strategies to create a furniture company focusing on the interplay between object and context. In order to realise their vision, they assumed control of the entire production chain – manufacturing, sales and marketing. This pioneering approach has paid off handsomely, not only in design clarity, but also in distinguished awards, renowned clients and representation.

"Our knowledge and passion is in mass production, hence the name. Our goal is to use industrial processes to create furniture which people can get excited about, something that gives them pride of ownership. You can do that with a hand-crafted piece, but for us the satisfaction comes from achieving it with an industrially produced article" - Chris Martin.

I've picked out a few of my favourite pieces from the collection, starting with the elegant Crown Easy Chair, pictured above and below. Elegant yet also playful, the unique design features an open back with fully upholstered side panels, giving a sense of volume despite the chairs low weight. Available with or without castors, in a range of beautiful fabrics, the chair provides a stylish and dignified sitting experience regardless of the location in which they are placed.

Massproductions have several stunning sofa collections, all available from Simon James Design. With soft, appealing curves, the beautiful Dandy Sofa is designed to sit freely within a room, creating interesting areas and flowing pathways around it. 

The Mega Sofa features thin steel tube side panels which enclose, lift and plump the cushions all at the same time. A design that results in superb comfort, it also creates a beautiful sculptural expression. Available in a range of fabrics, I particularly love these earthy beige and dark green hues. 

Just a small selection of the Massproductions furniture collection which also includes stools, tables and their award-winning Tio range, visit Simon James Design to see all that's on offer. And for more insight into the Massproductions brand, check out this interview with its founders. 

Images courtesy of Simon James Design 

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Flooring Xtra: Inspiration + Selection Process


A while ago I mentioned embarking on a little project at home, involving an update to our downstairs living area. A small space, you may remember a few years ago when it morphed into a living room and kids study area. It worked well up until the point where Roman decided to move his desk into his bedroom. Marlow followed suit, and wanting his own little nook, took over the small workspace under the stairs. Becoming a bit of a dumping ground for unused furniture and excess styling props etc, it's been in limbo ever since and I have been itching to get it back to a functional area - one that can be used as a living room, as well as an additional studio space for my styling. 

The whole area downstairs is carpeted. It's the one thing my husband and I disagreed on when we built - I wanted wooden flooring throughout the house, but because the bedrooms are also downstairs, we went with carpet. While it quiet and soft underfoot, I can't go past the Scandinavian look and visual appeal of wood flooring. I've lost count of the number times people have asked about our engineered wood flooring upstairs. For those who have asked me, the product is White Ash Pre-finished Engineered Timber Polyurethane flooring and it still current and available through all Flooring Xtra stores

At the time of building, it was one of the first elements I decided on and I never looked back. Fast forward several years, and the decision making process for downstairs has been a lot harder, because there are so many more choices nowadays. Thank goodness I was in great hands with the team at Flooring Xtra. They immediately recommended Quick-Step Laminate, a stylish, hardwearing and resilient floor that has a wear resistant, scratch resistant and indentation resistant surface. It's also fast, clean and easy to install thanks to the world-famous, patented Uniclic glue-less installation system. Available in an enormous range of colours and styles, we decided to go with Quick-Step Impressive. 100% water-resistant, the planks are nice and wide, while their shorter length is perfectly suited to our small space. 

The next step was choosing a colour, and as you may remember from this recent Musings + Moodboards post, I started out looking at pale wood, as a way of providing cohesion with our flooring upstairs. However I found myself hankering for a change, and really wanted to showcase a different look for styling purposes. I started a secret inspo board on my Pinterest, and quickly it became evident that I was drawn to darker hues. Here are some examples of the images I pinned.

The Kinfolk Gallery (images 1+2) 

With beige walls also on the wishlist, it was important that I factored this in to my flooring colour choice. Wanting to create a contrast, I was also drawn to those with grey tones. With a Quick-Step shortlist that included a mix of dark, grey and pale woods, I was still feeling a little overwhelmed, but thankfully I had expert help at hand. Soon launching a new website with an amazing app that allows you to pop in a photo of your space and see how the floor would look, Flooring Xtra did this for me and I found it to be an amazing tool. On closer inspection the greys looked a little cool and some of the pale woods blended in too much with my beige paint swatches. 

For the final step in the process, the team brought over the range of Impressive Laminate samples so that I could see them in my space. This proved invaluable! I was able to narrow it down to two colours, Sandblasted Oak Natural, and Classic Oak Brown, as shown below alongside some of the Flooring Xtra Rug Samples. We then moved the planks to the sliding glass doors and saw how they looked in the light. One of the deciding factors was seeing how great the darker planks looked against our black joinery. Lastly, I got my family on board and the boys were unanimous - they all loved the dark one! 

Installation was super fast, and while the room is unfinished, I wanted to give you little glimpse. Something I couldn't appreciate with carpet, I particularly love seeing the afternoon sun hit the floor. 

Styling & photography by Michelle Halford for TDC 

Next up, I'll be sharing my Dulux paint series, including a reveal of the finished room. 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Flooring Xtra. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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A Photographer's Home for Sale


Currently for sale, this beautiful home belongs to photographer Emily Laye. One look at the living room and I just had to share. The greige walls, corner gallery wall and leather sofa scattered with muted, velvet cushions are some of my favourite elements. I'd also love to flick through the piles of coffee table books. Of course the Flos Taccia Table Lamp gets a bit tick, as does the Poul Kjaerholm PK22 Easy Chair.

Timber and rattan brings warmth to the kitchen and I love the intimate nature of a round dining table. The cosy grey bedroom looks like the perfect place to hibernate from the cold outside. 

Styling by Josefin Hååg / Photography by Emily Laye for Per Jansson

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Musings + Moodboards


Today's moodboard is inspired by the beautifully sculptural effect of curved architectural walls. The work of French interior designer Francois Champsaur, this first one has a wonderfully smooth timber finish.

Bold in black and incredibly textural, this next design is by award-winning Sydney-based architecture practice CM Studio. It features a distinctive curved batten pod that conceals the apartment's bathroom.

Potts Point Studio by CM Studio / Photograph by Kelly Geddes

Visually interesting, curved walls work well to soften sharp lines of an interior. The same effect can be produced with a room divider, furniture, or smaller design pieces such as ceramics and art. Here are some that I'm currently loving. 

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Theia Lamp by Mathias Hahn for Marset


Sourcing lamps for a recent styling project, I found myself lingering over these beautiful images of the Theia by Marset. Designed by Mathias Hahn in 2016, the lamp's name is borrowed from the Greek goddess Theia – mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn. Featuring two intersecting half-spheres, the light has two faces which can be discovered by simply swivelling the fixture around its central axis. From light to shadow with a single gesture, it can be used as a reading lamp, or alternatively pointed towards an object or a wall, creating a subtle, indirect light that immediately warms the atmosphere. Available as both a Table and Floor lamp in either black or white, find out more about the beautiful lamps here.

How incredible is this bedroom and view? I also love the crockery (in the first image) by Max Lamb for 1882 Ltd

The Theia Table Lamp in white looks stunning aside the art work Museo De Art Abstracto by Eduardo Chillida. You can find similar pieces here and here. The Eduardo Chillida rugs are also incredible. This one here is a personal favourite.

Styling and photography by Openhouse Magazine for Marset 

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Tone Cabinets by Norm Architects for Zilenzio

Norm Architects have recently finished Tone, a new collection of sound-absorbing cabinets for Zilenzio. Designed to absorb and improve sound in the spaces where needed, the stunning cabinets help create a balanced acoustic environment, making them perfect for the workplace or at home. Styled beautifully by Sofie Brünner, the collection's gorgeous range of colours were selected by the recently featured Note Design Studio. Shot at the stunning Kinfolk Gallery, it's quite timely for me as the incredible space was my main inspiration for choosing flooring for our downstairs living area this week. More on that soon! 

Styling by Sofie Brünner / Photography by Enok Holsegaard

To find out more about the Tone Cabinets, visit Zilenzio.

Images via Norm Architects

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Cane Furniture | Current Picks


Injecting a naturally textural element into the home, cane furniture has long been on my radar. I often talk about my love of the iconic Thonet and Pierre Jeanneret cane chairs but lately I've added a few more designs to my wishlist. While I love the classic mix of Thonet bentwood and cane, more recently I've been drawn to those that mix cane and chrome. In fact I dream of owning a whole dining set of cane and chrome chairs - these would do nicely! I've added a couple more of my favourite picks below. Over the last few years beautiful new designs have also emerged, with designers expanding on the cane theme to include sofas, desks, daybeds, beds and wardrobes. I particularly love the cane pieces from famed Danish-Italian Design duo GamFratesi whose work I featured earlier this year.  

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