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Sticks 'N' Sushi London by Norm Architects


Located on King’s Road in the heart of chic and high-end Chelsea, London's latest Sticks 'N' Sushi restaurant has been designed by Norm Architects. Richly textured, with an emphasis on natural materials, the interior fuses Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics for an overall sense of contemporary luxury. 

Spanning three floors, materials have been chosen to set a specific mood, with the idea that guests experience increasing light as they walk vertically through the restaurant. The lower ground floor and private dining area is kept in dark nuances and materials, with a feature grid ceiling in oak to invite in nature as a sculptural element, while at the same time softening the space. Intimate and secluded, the lower ground floor is an atmospheric hideaway for parties to absorb the timeless elegance. 

A welcoming space, the ground floor is the heart of the restaurant with industrial elements including a bar in blackened steel. It oozes elegance with subtle contrasts in the quality custom woodwork, Danish design classics and natural stone table tops. The beautiful sculptural leather sofas, perfect for visitors enjoying a cocktail or waiting for a table, are placed by the windows to encourage interaction with the street life of Chelsea. 

The first floor is a bright and sophisticated space with warm oak tabletops and chairs and partition panel walls. Together with an open plan layout, it's a combination that invites intimate seating without loosing the feeling of being in a lovely bustling environment. Light, transparent textiles divide the space and make up translucent, light-bearing elements when they’re lit up at night. The lantern-like, white lamps create an intimate space around the large marble table in the semi-private dining room. Carl Hansen chairs accompany the bespoke tables throughout the restaurant as a reference to the timeless Danish design heritage, quality woodwork and craftsmanship. The custom-made banquette seating embodies that soft feel, inviting guests to engage in the intimate settings.

Such incredible attention to detail, I also love the ceramics that feature throughout the restaurant, including the beautiful bathrooms. 

Lead architect: Emily Broom
Architects: Linda Korndal, Peter Eland, Natasha Cuconescu
Interior Designer: Linnea Ek Blaehr

Images via Norm Architects

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B+V House in Madrid by PLANTEA


Based in Madrid, PLANTEA was established 2008 with a collaborative approach to design. The studio fosters creative dialogue with everyone they come in to contact with, be it clients, consultant teams or contractors, to bring an active exchange between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, art, and urbanism. One of their recent projects, House B+V is a minimal, light-filled home with open spaces showcasing a warm mix of wood, bold black accents and white textural finishes.

The stunning kitchen features high ceilings, beautifully crafted timber cabinetry paired with a luxurious marble benchtop and an island in black-lacquered iron. Herringbone oak hardwood flooring carries through to the bedroom, a light and airy space layered with natural cotton fabrics. Beautiful glazed tiles together with natural stone details and black fittings in the ensuite complete this space. I also detect a definite Nordic style with some beautiful Danish design pieces throughout the home, including Flos and Menu lamps and chairs by &Tradition

Photography by Alicia Macias

Image 3 via Leibal, all others via PLANTEA 

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One Wellington | A New Development Offering Refined Interiors with Personalisation + Flexibility


One Wellington is a new project in Melbourne by property developer, LAS Group Developments and capital partner, Qualitas. Surrounded by Melbourne’s most vibrant and lively neighbourhoods in St Kilda, St Kilda East, Albert Park, Windsor and Prahran, One Wellington offers personalisation and flexibility in apartment living by allowing buyers to personalise both the design and space of their apartments.

Designed by award-winning architecture and design firm K.P.D.O., Director Stephen Javens says gone are the days of designing by numbers. Personalisation is beyond a new trend and is going to become instrumental to all residential apartments. “Choice is now key for modern apartment living, so we designed One Wellington with flexibility in mind from the outset. We provided three very strong schemes and buyers can select from the extensive range of beautiful finishes, fittings and appliances."

Of the three different schemes - Minimal, Chromatic and Dark - I am of course naturally drawn to the calming, neutral palette of the Minimal apartment. I love how the tonal effect is elevated through the use of depth and texture. Beautifully elegant, the interior has an air of European sophistication blended with warm earthiness. 

The interiors frame sweeping panoramic views and are flooded with natural light, while the open plan design creates a sense of fluidity between living, dining and kitchen spaces. 

One Wellington Minimal Apartment Scheme

For a moodier look, the Dark apartment scheme introduces a maturity and richness in the tones and textures. Light and shadow play with texture to cocoon and comfort while dark finishes evoke Milanese sophistication. Statement lighting enhances the overall feel, adding a touch of drama and creating a sense of depth and solace. 

One Wellington Dark Apartment Scheme

For those wanting a more colourful interior, the exuberant Chromatic scheme is ideal. While each apartment has been designed to entice individuals with clear, sophisticated ideas when it comes to living well, the building has also been designed with flexibility in mind. Not only can residents personalise the interiors of their apartments to their own style and taste, the building’s flexible design principle makes it easy to combine apartments across most levels of the building, providing even more choice.

For more information on One Wellington, visit

Images courtesy of One Wellington 

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Musings + Moodboards


Apologies for the radio silence this week. I was so happy to have kept up with the blog posts over the school holidays, but a lack of forward planning, along with a shoot on Monday, has now caused me to fall behind. I've also been busy working on a couple of renovation projects at home in collaboration with some great brands, which I'll be sharing on the blog soon. Today I've curated a mood board in my favourite palette, with hints of the new season coming through. Hurry up summer! 

It features a beautiful outdoor space, an inspiring interior project, a striking art work I've been eyeing up, a dream chair I would one day love to own, an incredible vintage lamp, ceramics in gorgeous organic shapes and the prettiest dried flowers. (You'll find all the links below). There's been a lot of discussion on Instagram lately about dried flowers and grasses (such as Pampas and our native NZ Toe Toe) versus the fresh variety. I do love the rustic look of dried flowers, and the fact that they last forever. But I'm still partial to having fresh blooms in the house. I'm also hoping to get some new plants for home as I'm sadly down to just one! 

Artwork by Samantha Totty
The Little White Abode designed by Mon Palmer 
The Freshwater Project by Olivia Bossy
Flowers captured by Phoebe Grace Eade
Clerici MC 10 chair by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazi
Table lamp by Glashütte Limburg from Etsy

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Southwood Relaunch | Timeless Design Inspired by Nature


Melbourne-based furniture and homewares store Southwood was established in 2008 in celebration of timeless design, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Inspired by natural materials and the growing movement towards sustainable living, Southwood quickly established a loyal following and has become known for beautifully designed furniture pieces that suit the relaxed Australian lifestyle. 

In 2017, new owners and experienced interior designers Val Curcic and Maria Cudina brought a fresh vision. Sharing a passion for creating striking spaces that reflect the personalities that inhabit them, their combined industry experience over the last twenty years has laid the perfect foundation for Southwood’s refined aesthetic. Committed to the original business mission, timeless design inspired by nature, they have meticulously curated a collection sourced from selected Australian makers as well as international brands that share their passion for natural and fair trade pieces. 

Following their year long design adventure, Val and Maria are proud to showcase an exciting new direction for Southwood. Enlisting stylist Ruth Welsby and photographer Lisa Cohen to capture and define the essence of their vision, these beautiful images speak for themselves. 

Presenting Southwood's own range of furniture by skilled makers in Melbourne along with many other brands on offer, some of my favourites include the Armadillo & Co rugs and furniture and homewares by Danish brands Kirstina Dam and WOUD. There's also a gorgeous collection of textiles with beautiful linen and organic bamboo bedding. 

Styling by Ruth Welsby / Photography by Lisa Cohen 

Southwood also offer a personal design service, offering help with renovations, or just where to start when styling a new space. For more information on this and the collections on offer visit

Images courtesy of Southwood

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Nespresso Master Origin Collection


Earlier this month, I attended a five-course degustation dinner with Nespresso and renowned chef and local culinary ambassador Josh Emett to mark the official launch of the Master Origin collection - five new and permanent coffees, inspired by the land.

Throughout the evening, which was filled of five delicious dishes inspired by the coffees unique story, Nespresso’s New Zealand Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan delivered the evening alongside Emett to explain Nespresso’s ability and incredible process for how these coffees were sourced from the world's finest coffee growing regions — Colombia, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. Together the duo explained how each coffee has been on its own unique journey of discovery, resulting in individual aromas and tastes reminiscent of that country of origin.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've continued to enjoy and taste the new range while learning more about the fascinating techniques, methods and traditions that differentiate these coffees from one another. Today I'm going to share a little bit about what I've discovered, along with my favourite Master Origin coffees. 

When Nespresso embarked on its journey to create these new curations, coffee experts spent a great deal of time working with local farming experts in each of the five regions; Indonesia, Colombia, India, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Nicaragua, learning about each country’s innovative and demanding farming practices.

In Ethiopia for example, local coffee farmers meticulously rake coffee beans every hour by hand to ensure even drying; in Colombia, the typical harvest time was pushed to the limit — each coffee cherry was left on the tree, risking fermentation until it was exactly the right shade of deep purple to be picked. 

Whereas in Indonesia, farmers used a traditional and exceptionally local wet-hulling motion, whilst in Nicaragua, a sweet approach was taken musing the 'black honey' method which involves leaving the coffee bean in its natural fruit layer whilst it is drying allowing the coffee bean to soak up the natural sugars. 

And meanwhile, in India, the coffee sourced is exposed to an age-old monsoon technique that was once a natural occurrence when coffee was transported by boat. The beans experience rough high winds and take on lots of moisture from the sea salt, which make them swell and reveal a unique spicy flavour.

The Master Origin coffees range from 4 to 11 in terms of intensity. And while I prefer Nespresso coffees with a high intensity, I've found that the less intense Master Origin coffees are very enjoyable due to their robust flavour. What's more, the coffees can be enjoyed as both an espresso (40ml) and lungo (110ml) offering lots of versatility in the type of coffee I prepare for myself or visitors. When combined with milk, their unique aromas blend seamlessly into a creamy cappuccino, velvety flat white, or my favourite, a delicious piccolo.

The first of my two favourite Master Origin coffees is Indonesia. With an intensity of 8, the "wet hulled" method used to produce Indonesia creates a distinctly rich, velvety texture. To fully savour the wild, woody taste I like to prepare this coffee with just a dash of milk. 

My second favourite is India due to its high intensity and full bodied, spicy flavour which has been achieved by a challenging post-harvest 'monsooning' technique done by Indian coffee masters. A powerfully complex and aromatic coffee, I find this makes the perfect flat white or piccolo.

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

The five coffees which will also be a permanent addition to the Nespresso coffee range are now available from Nespresso boutiques nationwide and online

Remember to always recycle your used Nespresso capsules by dropping them of at one of the recycling points nationally. Find your closest recycling points by visiting

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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