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One Wellington | A New Development Offering Refined Interiors with Personalisation + Flexibility


One Wellington is a new project in Melbourne by property developer, LAS Group Developments and capital partner, Qualitas. Surrounded by Melbourne’s most vibrant and lively neighbourhoods in St Kilda, St Kilda East, Albert Park, Windsor and Prahran, One Wellington offers personalisation and flexibility in apartment living by allowing buyers to personalise both the design and space of their apartments.

Designed by award-winning architecture and design firm K.P.D.O., Director Stephen Javens says gone are the days of designing by numbers. Personalisation is beyond a new trend and is going to become instrumental to all residential apartments. “Choice is now key for modern apartment living, so we designed One Wellington with flexibility in mind from the outset. We provided three very strong schemes and buyers can select from the extensive range of beautiful finishes, fittings and appliances."

Of the three different schemes - Minimal, Chromatic and Dark - I am of course naturally drawn to the calming, neutral palette of the Minimal apartment. I love how the tonal effect is elevated through the use of depth and texture. Beautifully elegant, the interior has an air of European sophistication blended with warm earthiness. 

The interiors frame sweeping panoramic views and are flooded with natural light, while the open plan design creates a sense of fluidity between living, dining and kitchen spaces. 

One Wellington Minimal Apartment Scheme

For a moodier look, the Dark apartment scheme introduces a maturity and richness in the tones and textures. Light and shadow play with texture to cocoon and comfort while dark finishes evoke Milanese sophistication. Statement lighting enhances the overall feel, adding a touch of drama and creating a sense of depth and solace. 

One Wellington Dark Apartment Scheme

For those wanting a more colourful interior, the exuberant Chromatic scheme is ideal. While each apartment has been designed to entice individuals with clear, sophisticated ideas when it comes to living well, the building has also been designed with flexibility in mind. Not only can residents personalise the interiors of their apartments to their own style and taste, the building’s flexible design principle makes it easy to combine apartments across most levels of the building, providing even more choice.

For more information on One Wellington, visit

Images courtesy of One Wellington 

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Musings + Moodboards


Apologies for the radio silence this week. I was so happy to have kept up with the blog posts over the school holidays, but a lack of forward planning, along with a shoot on Monday, has now caused me to fall behind. I've also been busy working on a couple of renovation projects at home in collaboration with some great brands, which I'll be sharing on the blog soon. Today I've curated a mood board in my favourite palette, with hints of the new season coming through. Hurry up summer! 

It features a beautiful outdoor space, an inspiring interior project, a striking art work I've been eyeing up, a dream chair I would one day love to own, an incredible vintage lamp, ceramics in gorgeous organic shapes and the prettiest dried flowers. (You'll find all the links below). There's been a lot of discussion on Instagram lately about dried flowers and grasses (such as Pampas and our native NZ Toe Toe) versus the fresh variety. I do love the rustic look of dried flowers, and the fact that they last forever. But I'm still partial to having fresh blooms in the house. I'm also hoping to get some new plants for home as I'm sadly down to just one! 

Artwork by Samantha Totty
The Little White Abode designed by Mon Palmer 
The Freshwater Project by Olivia Bossy
Flowers captured by Phoebe Grace Eade
Clerici MC 10 chair by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazi
Table lamp by Glashütte Limburg from Etsy

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Southwood Relaunch | Timeless Design Inspired by Nature


Melbourne-based furniture and homewares store Southwood was established in 2008 in celebration of timeless design, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Inspired by natural materials and the growing movement towards sustainable living, Southwood quickly established a loyal following and has become known for beautifully designed furniture pieces that suit the relaxed Australian lifestyle. 

In 2017, new owners and experienced interior designers Val Curcic and Maria Cudina brought a fresh vision. Sharing a passion for creating striking spaces that reflect the personalities that inhabit them, their combined industry experience over the last twenty years has laid the perfect foundation for Southwood’s refined aesthetic. Committed to the original business mission, timeless design inspired by nature, they have meticulously curated a collection sourced from selected Australian makers as well as international brands that share their passion for natural and fair trade pieces. 

Following their year long design adventure, Val and Maria are proud to showcase an exciting new direction for Southwood. Enlisting stylist Ruth Welsby and photographer Lisa Cohen to capture and define the essence of their vision, these beautiful images speak for themselves. 

Presenting Southwood's own range of furniture by skilled makers in Melbourne along with many other brands on offer, some of my favourites include the Armadillo & Co rugs and furniture and homewares by Danish brands Kirstina Dam and WOUD. There's also a gorgeous collection of textiles with beautiful linen and organic bamboo bedding. 

Styling by Ruth Welsby / Photography by Lisa Cohen 

Southwood also offer a personal design service, offering help with renovations, or just where to start when styling a new space. For more information on this and the collections on offer visit

Images courtesy of Southwood

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Nespresso Master Origin Collection


Earlier this month, I attended a five-course degustation dinner with Nespresso and renowned chef and local culinary ambassador Josh Emett to mark the official launch of the Master Origin collection - five new and permanent coffees, inspired by the land.

Throughout the evening, which was filled of five delicious dishes inspired by the coffees unique story, Nespresso’s New Zealand Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan delivered the evening alongside Emett to explain Nespresso’s ability and incredible process for how these coffees were sourced from the world's finest coffee growing regions — Colombia, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. Together the duo explained how each coffee has been on its own unique journey of discovery, resulting in individual aromas and tastes reminiscent of that country of origin.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've continued to enjoy and taste the new range while learning more about the fascinating techniques, methods and traditions that differentiate these coffees from one another. Today I'm going to share a little bit about what I've discovered, along with my favourite Master Origin coffees. 

When Nespresso embarked on its journey to create these new curations, coffee experts spent a great deal of time working with local farming experts in each of the five regions; Indonesia, Colombia, India, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Nicaragua, learning about each country’s innovative and demanding farming practices.

In Ethiopia for example, local coffee farmers meticulously rake coffee beans every hour by hand to ensure even drying; in Colombia, the typical harvest time was pushed to the limit — each coffee cherry was left on the tree, risking fermentation until it was exactly the right shade of deep purple to be picked. 

Whereas in Indonesia, farmers used a traditional and exceptionally local wet-hulling motion, whilst in Nicaragua, a sweet approach was taken musing the 'black honey' method which involves leaving the coffee bean in its natural fruit layer whilst it is drying allowing the coffee bean to soak up the natural sugars. 

And meanwhile, in India, the coffee sourced is exposed to an age-old monsoon technique that was once a natural occurrence when coffee was transported by boat. The beans experience rough high winds and take on lots of moisture from the sea salt, which make them swell and reveal a unique spicy flavour.

The Master Origin coffees range from 4 to 11 in terms of intensity. And while I prefer Nespresso coffees with a high intensity, I've found that the less intense Master Origin coffees are very enjoyable due to their robust flavour. What's more, the coffees can be enjoyed as both an espresso (40ml) and lungo (110ml) offering lots of versatility in the type of coffee I prepare for myself or visitors. When combined with milk, their unique aromas blend seamlessly into a creamy cappuccino, velvety flat white, or my favourite, a delicious piccolo.

The first of my two favourite Master Origin coffees is Indonesia. With an intensity of 8, the "wet hulled" method used to produce Indonesia creates a distinctly rich, velvety texture. To fully savour the wild, woody taste I like to prepare this coffee with just a dash of milk. 

My second favourite is India due to its high intensity and full bodied, spicy flavour which has been achieved by a challenging post-harvest 'monsooning' technique done by Indian coffee masters. A powerfully complex and aromatic coffee, I find this makes the perfect flat white or piccolo.

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

The five coffees which will also be a permanent addition to the Nespresso coffee range are now available from Nespresso boutiques nationwide and online

Remember to always recycle your used Nespresso capsules by dropping them of at one of the recycling points nationally. Find your closest recycling points by visiting

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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New Dinesen Showroom Designed by Studio David Thulstrup


The Danish flooring company Dinesen and cabinetmaker Garde Hvalsøe have opened the doors to a new showroom in the historic landmark building Mejlborg in Aarhus, Denmark. With respect for the history and architecture of the old building, Studio David Thulstrup has created an inspiring home-style universe that embraces the two brand’s great passion for wood, craftsmanship and design. 

Having collaborated on many projects in recent years, it was a natural progression for Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøethe to open a showroom together in Aarhus - the first for both companies in Denmark’s second largest city. Not your typical showroom, the ground floor was once a a chic restaurant with dark wood panelling and intricately painted glass ceilings. "I wanted to find the essence of how to treat these rich heritage features to create experiences as well as bring in the history of this landmark building but with cool contemporary touches,” says David Thulstrup, the principal of Studio David Thulstrup.

The space is divided into six rooms, each presenting the diversity in both Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe’s product range of solid plank floors and bespoke kitchens. Thulstrup chose to style the space like a home, using colour as the defining principle that links the heritage and the new. Each room is painted in a specially mixed tone taken from the decorative ceiling – a light minty blue for the kitchen and dining room, yellowy nude for the lounge and dressing room, mustard for the informal meeting room and a dusty purple for an office. With respect for the historical setting, Studio David Thulstrup has created a contemporary showroom with edge and character. 

“To create a sense of arrival I made the entrance really dark by painting the walls the same colour as the woodwork and treating the flooring with a customised dark stain,” says Thulstrup. The entrance zone with it’s dark walls acts somewhat like a decompression space before the staircase and rooms which lead off it. The monolithic staircase is made entirely of Dinesen Douglas pine and leads down to the basement. With it’s simple and strong architectural form, the wooden staircase element makes a powerful entry point against the dark entrance.

All the floors were replaced with a mix of Dinesen’s wide planks and parquetry in Douglas, oak and ash. To temper the impact of the historical features Thulstrup chose furniture in contemporary shapes and finishes. Custom pieces include a minimalist 18-seater table made of Dinesen Douglas planks stained tomato red, a metal daybed and a coffee table in folded metal steel with a yellow-zinc opalescent coating. 

“I was trying to create a reflection of how I work, being modern especially in the materials like metals and furniture, but also mixing in older but not iconic pieces,” says Thulstrup. Designed as a “living house” to be used for events, the kitchen and long table provide the perfect setting for gatherings.

Another bespoke feature are freestanding light boxes using Kvadrat Soft Cells and Philips lighting which add a bold contemporary touch as well as solve the challenge of how to light the rooms without disturbing the heritage ceilings.

Such an incredible fusion between old and new, the showroom presents the world of Dinesen with a fresh yet timeless approach. I'm simply in awe at the beauty of the different wood grains!

Mejlborg Basement
As a new initiative, Dinesen has transformed the showroom’s basement floor into a special archival space of materials open for architects and designers, giving them the opportunity to see, touch and sense different materials in the work with their projects. 

The shelves in Mejlborg Basement contain materials from Dinesen, Kvadrat, Petersen Tegl, Sorensen Leather, Zurface, and Surface Cph. The wish is to have architects and designers impact what type of materials should be exhibited in the future.

I love the soft palette and pared back feel of this interior. With facilities that invite guests to create moodboards and hold exhibitions, workshops, talks and meetings, the basement also contains a special room dedicated to exploring the invisible qualities of materials through sound. I would love to explore this beautiful space in real life! 

The facilities can be booked at

Interior design:
Dinesen & Garde Hvalsøe showroom: Studio David Thulstrup
Mejlborg Basement: Dinesen / Christian Haulund Nielsen, Mikkel Vestergaard and Hans Peter Dinesen
Photography: Irina Boersma

Images courtesy of Dinesen

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Interview with the Founders of New Concept Store SLOW


Opening its doors later this month, SLOW is a new online store and experiential showroom located in the heart of Queenstown. Founded by Martina Blanchard and Sunny Wehrle, the concept store will offer a carefully curated selection of design, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, many of which will be new to the New Zealand market. These include internationally recognised brands Norwegian Rain and Tom Wood Project from Norway, Danish brands Aiayu, New Works and FRAMA, Not Only White from the Netherlands, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio from New York, plus many more.

Each of the brands encompass conscious business ethics, crucial pillars for Martina and Sunny, who sought to curate a range of collections that connect to an overarching theme of attentive design, simplicity, function, craftsmanship and sustainability. Housed in a stunning architectural and multi-functional space, the interior fit-out follows suit with sophistication and an experiential showcase of products. As well as being a design and fashion retail space, SLOW will feature a coffee studio in an exclusive collaboration with FRAMA Copenhagen and will house a photo gallery.

An exciting concept with so much on offer, I was keen to find out more about the founders and what we can expect from SLOW....

Please share a little bit about your backgrounds and what led you to the launch of SLOW.

We have a mixed background ranging from fashion, hospitality, interior design and social science academia. The idea of SLOW concept started to unfold about a year ago, a realised dream of a coveted space that would foster meaning and purpose rather than just host for a strict retail transaction. Originally I was seeking to open an interior store that resonated with my passion for slow design and minimal interior styling. Sunny on the other hand has a vast experience in the apparel industry and is driven by ethical and sustainable garment production. We have combined our ideals and experiences with the slow ethos and started to work on how to translate this into a conscious business model.

You are introducing some beautiful Scandinavian brands to NZ which I know my readers will be very excited about. What draws you to design from this part of the world?

Scandinavian brands have a strong ethos of design, materials and heritage. We feel that they are the arbiters of design, retaining their refined, functional and timeless aesthetics in all they do for centuries (i.e. The century of Danish chair!). Additionally, Scandinavian design industry is fully supported by the government for both new and up and coming designers, which we feel leads to creative pods of craftsmanship and the accessibility of some incredible brands.  Most of our brands utilise a group of varied designers for their collections which brings variation to the overall design content. Many of these designers are women, which brings an interesting dynamic to the “man's world” of design. We love this beautiful E-book by Danish brand ferm Living featuring creative women and their homes.

I’m particularly excited about Frama, having visited the flagship store in Copenhagen last year during 3 Days of Design. Tell us about the coffee studio collaboration. …..

Being a design driven store, it all began from the idea of introducing the FRAMA kitchen and advancing that idea of an experiential space that promotes products as designs in function. Certainly not a new idea, for me the inspiration was the experiential VIPP loft in Copenhagen! We got to talk about what we are trying to achieve directly with Frama founders and when we asked them for an exclusive collaboration, they said yes! Next to the kitchen we will also showcase Frama Adam seating, shelving and Otto stoneware – all part of our coffee studio experience. Additionally we would like to introduce some specialty European style coffees to reflect the cultural heritage of European café culture.

Frama Kitchen and Adam stool

Frama Otto stoneware

Frama Shelf and Adam stool 

The brands you have chosen encompass conscious business ethics. How does this fit with your overall ethos for SLOW?

Our ethos pertains to values of permanency, quality, attentive craft-design, sustainable practices and social-awareness, so we were very passionate about these brands being aligned with our ethos.

How would you describe the interior look you were wanting to achieve with the store? How does this resonate with your own personal styles?

Simple, minimal, functional with great attention to detail and materials, complimenting our curated brand selection respectively. We have treated this space as we would our own personal space, striving to create balance between retail and informal realms which heighten sensory experience. Often in retail you found yourself in over lit space defined by restriction of movement and staleness. Paying attention to soft lighting options, textures and purposeful flow within the space, we have created a gallery like showcase of products, grouped by a theme and function into dedicated stations where you can then spend some time exploring and trying our products.

Ovis Lounge chair by L & G Studio

New Works Florence Table and Shelves


You're also launching online, which is great news for those who live outside of Queenstown. Will you be offering the same products as you have in store, including larger items such as furniture?

Yes we will – we will gradually introduce more products above our current core collections as we establish regular shipment schedules. Importantly, however we are more then happy to consult and custom order any specific products for both small and larger interior projects.

What are some of your favourite pieces on offer?

Frama kitchen, New Works Florence shelving/table and MUUTO sofa and lighting. We are also bringing beautiful NOT ONLY WHITE and their SCAPE collection of freestanding wash basins.

Many thanks to Martina and Sunny for sharing more insight into the incredible SLOW concept store! 

SLOW launches online at on 23rd Oct, and opens its doors at 83 Beach Rd, Queenstown on the 30th of October. 

3D store renders and product images courtesy of SLOW

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