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Greenleaf Organics


If you follow me on IG will have no doubt heard me singing the praises of Greenleaf Organics. Launched last year, it is the brainchild of Aucklander Sarah Tanner, a creative force who is passionate about organic whole foods and providing optimum nutrition for her and her family. Transforming this enthusiasm into an amazing new service, Greenleaf Organics deliver organic, superfood smoothies and handmade superfoods right to your work, home or event.

Now you may be thinking that being a food product, this is a little left-field for TDC, but in actual fact, when Sarah approached me to become a GLO Ambassador I didn't think twice. As an active, busy Mum who has always had a keen interest in nutrition, I couldn't wait to share my love of Greenleaf Organics with others. I'm also a big believer in positivity and gaining knowledge from those who inspire you and I know that Sarah is on the exact same wavelength. For two years prior to launching Greenleaf Organics, she used her blog STIL as a platform for sharing her ideas, spending many hours researching and learning the best foods, ingredients and keys to success for a happy, healthy family. Building a community of like-minded people, Sarah has had an amazing response to her new venture, from loyal followers and new customers alike. 

With new products launching regularly, my family and I are thoroughly enjoying the taste-testing! We're also feeling the incredible benefits of the nourishing ingredients that include minerals, essential fats, fibre, antioxidants, and phytochemicals and vitamins. All this, and you don't have to prep anything, they are delivered right to your door and the packaging is divine!

Whether you’re a two year old superhero, a teen year old superstar, a wellness seeker, a nutritional neglector, a weekend warrior, an over-worker, a high-performance parent, a world saver, or just a really busy person...Greenleaf Organics has something to nourish you from skin to soul.

Styling and Photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

Visit Greenleaf Organics to find out about the different products and packages available. There is also an exciting new commercial space on the horizon, so make sure you follow along on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!

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