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Homes to Inspire | Simple Grandeur


I had my first glimpse of this apartment some time ago when I saw a photo of the incredible marble and gold bathroom. Of course I had to find out more. Part of a renovation project by Studiomama, the two loft apartments were once derelict office spaces on the top floors of a 300 year old building in Stockholm. Transformed into beautiful modern living spaces that remain sensitive to their historic surroundings, the original framework and exposed wooden beams help punctuate the open space and retain the sense of charm. Now for sale, I love how the team at Fantastic Frank have applied a very pared-back uncluttered style, allowing the beautiful timber, Carrara marble and gold elements to shine.

I immediately recognised the Dinesen Douglas Fir floorboards (as featured here) being that they were the inspiration for our home, but this is the first time I've seen them used beyond the purpose of flooring. The unique and seamless continuation which forms a wall of storage and kitchen island is quite remarkable. The wall hides the kitchen cabinets and doors to the bathroom/sauna and bedroom. 

The design is simple, but the materials and double height gives a sense of grandeur, with every detail having been meticulously thought out. I love the addition of skylights and built in shelves. The Alvar Aalto Second Nature book also happens to be on my wishlist.  

Images via Fantastic Frank

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  1. I would love to live in this apartment. And to decorate it would be at dream! :)

    1. Thanks Chalotte. I feel the same, such a wonderful canvas x



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