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Savvy Studio | Par La Roy


Savvy Studio, the Mexico-based multidisciplinary studio has an impressive portfolio of work. Today I'm going to show you one of their branding, industrial and interior projects, PAR LA ROY. A fashion boutique that promotes the work of designers including both emerging artists and established brands, this stood out to me because of its fresh, simple design. 

When seeking out ideas for the home, I find that well executed store interiors can often offer inspiration. I love seeing elements crossing over into residential styling, such as with the use of freestanding clothes racks, simple display/occasional tables and open shelving. 

In collaboration with Emilio Alvarez, Savvy Studio have created a predominantly white space and clear layout, enabling the ever-changing products to be displayed in an orderly and attractive manner. The metal tubing has been designed for structure, and to provide contrast with the fabric of the garments. I also love the tiled flooring, mirrored elements, wall lettering and plants. The branding follows suit with a clean but playful vibe.

Take a look at more of Studio Savvy's work here, including two more standout branding projects for Tea Company Tomás and surf shop LOOT

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