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Kanuka Collective | Launch + Interview


Sitting down to write this post I'm feeling super excited, and it's not just the amount of coffee I've had today or the fact that we're heading into a long weekend (though that helps!) It's that ever since I discovered the new New Zealand home ware brand Kanuka Collective, I've been smitten. The beautifully crafted luxury products, the feel-good summer vibe of their debut collection and the overall attention to detail is the kind of stuff I thrive on, and I'm thrilled to be sharing their story with you today.

Launched in October, Kanuka Collective was founded by advertising creative Ryan MacPherson, who together with partner Jocelyn Closs, the design manager at Superette, collaborate on the brand. Based in Titirangi, Auckland, overlooking a beautiful native Kanuka clad forest in the Waitakere ranges, the couple are are influenced by the abundant natural beauty surrounding them. The products are made here in New Zealand from the finest quality materials sourced from all over the world. I'll pass you over to Ryan to tell you more...

Can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds and the path that led you to launching Kanuka Collective?

With a background in the advertising and design industries both in New Zealand and Canada, creating the Kanuka Collective brand was a natural progression creatively - we wanted to create something tangible that people could be inspired by and feature in their own homes.

What are your individual roles? 

Everything is carried out locally, with Jocelyn taking care of the social media and marketing side of things while I cover off everything else.

You're influenced by the natural beauty that surrounds you. What would you say are the key aspects that you draw from? Is this a connection that is specific to NZ, your lifestyles etc?

It's hard not to be inspired being so close to the beautiful west coast beaches and being immersed in the Waitakere ranges. Going forward we have a lot of nature-inspired products we'll be introducing.

Your attention to detail and use of beautiful materials is immediately apparent. Can you tell us more about the materials and the process involved in producing such quality products?

We use only the highest quality fabrics and materials and have gone to great lengths to source them from all over the world. Our products are produced locally so we can be across every step of the production process.

How would you describe your personal styles and how is this reflected in your designs, and also your home?

We love simple, paired back design. Open spaces, massive windows, lots of light, straight lines, and timber can be found throughout our Scandinavian inspired Titirangi 'tree house'.

What else inspires you... the web, travel, other creatives etc?

Having lived in both New Zealand and Canada we have a huge appreciation for natural beauty. We love to draw inspiration from what nature has to offer - the colours, forms and textures - there just happens to be plenty of inspiration everywhere we look here in New Zealand.

Your debut collection, aptly titled Palm Paradise SS 14 has a wonderful summer vibe. What can we expect to see over time?

Summer was the perfect season to launch with as we wanted to start with a fresh, beach-inspired collection. We've got some exciting things lined up for the future - watch this space.

I can't wait to see what the future brings, especially if those incredible Alapaca fur cushions are anything to go by! Kanuka have very kindly given me a couple of their new products, and I have to say that their signature detailing such as the luxe raw linen and leather gold foiled tags is even more exquisite in person. I'm looking forward to sharing a photo on Instagram soon! Visit Kanuka Collective to see the full collection and to shop online. 

Those of you in NZ have a wonderful, safe Labour weekend. I'll be back here on Tuesday.

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  1. Absolutely love this post!
    The cushions are gorgeous, we are slightly jealous! (We make our own cushions also here in Wanaka)

    The writing and layout is equally as beautiful

    Keep up the great work



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