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Today’s post was triggered by something that Megan Morton mentioned in her styling masterclass I attended last year. She said that it’s often when there’s chaos at home (kids, mess everywhere etc) that you produce really beautiful work. This rang true for me, as I thought back to when I started the blog. At the time we were about to embark on our build, while living in an old rental which of course had its limitations when it came to decorating. I had a pre-schooler and a baby and just keeping up with the washing and housework was a challenge. I worked on my blog from my laptop, often on the couch, at the dining table, in bed or the cramped office slash storage room. While the clean, orderly and stylish home I dreamt about was a long way off, I was able to channel those dreams I had into the blog. It became a visual diary of everything that was inspiring me at the time, namely beautiful Scandinavian interiors. I loved (and still do) curating moodboards and found it almost cathartic creating gorgeous collages to look at and share, while things around me were anything but gorgeous! 

It’s coming up to a year since we moved into our new home, and every day since I have felt blessed to be working from a lovely office. I still spend my days sourcing inspiring design finds and interiors to share, but my focus has shifted to include my own styling at home. I still love Pinterest and curating moodboards, but now I love being hands-on with my styling, and taking photos to share on the blog and Instagram.

Every school holiday I feel like life gets turned a little bit upside down. I love having the kids around and getting a break from the drop off and pick ups but the noise and chaos can take its toll. I fall behind with washing and housework and crave some alone time, preferably in my office browsing Pinterest! My husband usually takes a couple of days off so that I can keep on top of things with the blog, but for the first time in ages I’ve booked the kids into a holiday programme for just two days this week. So today I’m enjoying the quiet, catching up on emails and writing this post, which I dedicate to all the parents out there who like me, are craving an escape. For a few moments I hope you get lost in this dreamy imagery. 

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