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Interior Styling | Transparent Homewares


As I began writing this post featuring glass objects for the home, I realised that it would make sense to include acrylic objects (namely storage containers) which I'm also currently obsessing over. Both being of a transparent nature, I love their minimalist aesthetic. When it comes to vases, tableware, and classic bell jars and domes, glass will always be timeless. As shown below, glass looks beautiful atop marble surfaces, grouped together in a variety of sizes and styles. Touches of greenery are also a must!

Coloured glass is very pretty and has a lovely vintage quality. Two vases by Muuto that come in a range of colours are high on my wishlist.  They are the Silent Vase by Andreas Engesvik and the Elevated Vase by Thomas Benzen.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Now to the clear storage boxes I mentioned earlier, which can be utilised in so many ways. Perfect for the office, take a look at these stunning images I found over at French By Design. The Swedish home of  Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen photographed by Hannah Lemholt for Elle Decoration UKI love what she has done with hers on her desk, alongside the transparent chair and overhanging Diamond Light.

With my kids still so young and boisterous, I purposely keep our glass objects as high out of reach as possible. A much safer option, the transparent box used by Pella Hedeby on her gorgeous new coffee table doubles as magazine storage and a tray for refreshments.

I could definitely do with some acrylic storage for my jewellery and bathroom items. As always, Nina Holst gets it so right... 

I'm still on the hunt for places to source them, but I can tell you that Nomess, the Copenhagen-based brand who specialise in all things acrylic have an amazing collection. I've also found a great selection at Muji but closer to home, there are some lovely acrylic trays and vessels on offer at The Minimalist, and for affordable basics, check out Storage Box

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  1. Gorgeous!! And what a great way of keeping your beautiful displays from gathering dust. I really love the look and feel. Great inspiration!!

    1. Ah yes good point - I hate dusting!! Thanks lovely, so glad you like the post. x

  2. Marble + Plants + Domes = Gorgeous

  3. Muji has quite a following on ebay and amazon, true you still have to wait for 2 weeks for it to arrive, but oh the transparent acrylic goodness when it does

    1. Good to know - thank you! I love their selection. Definitely worth the wait. x

  4. Oh I know what you mean about things out of reach. While I have to say my kids are reasonably good with breakables around the house (probably because of my endless threats) I still wait for the day to have a bunch of flowers stay on the coffee table longer than when we have guests! Now I just love the storage boxes for the jewellery, I'm struggling with practical storage in that area at the moment. M xx



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