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Homes to Inspire | Cosy in Sweden


I've said it many times before, but it really does pay to check in on Swedish real estate site Alvhem Mäkleri regularly. I recommend that like me, you grab a hot cuppa and settle in for a good dose of Scandi interior inspo! Especially on chilly days like we're experiencing in this part of the world right now. I can however make it even easier for you because I've picked out a couple of the current standouts. Both of these homes feature gorgeous styling, but they also have a cosy vibe that really appeals right now. 

The fireplace in this first home immediately called out to me!

I'm also loving the addition of some colour and texture on the interior walls of this home. A pale grey wall behind the dining table, a soft muted green one in the office and then a lovely touch of marble in the reading corner! I also love the Paris print and pale wood accents featured throughout. See more of this delightful home here

This next home has already been snapped up... just in case you were in the market to buy... in Sweden! If you were, this would be a little bit perfect, don't you think? Beautiful features include herringbone flooring and high ceilings with original architectural details. 

There are those lovely grey walls again, paired with delicious, crinkly linen bedding. The well-styled picture wall around the dining table helps draw the eye in to create a focal point in the open-plan space.

Of course I can't resist a well-styled wall to wall String Shelving system. The addition of a desk enables it to be used as an office space in the large bedroom, while the light grey wall adds a soft contrast to the white shelf and skirting. See the full house tour here

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  1. I was just quickly stopping by to see what you have for today before going to do the laundry, but it seems that now I have to spend some more time on Alvhem as well because these are really gorgeous homes and it reminds me that I haven't checked their site for some time now. So thanks for share and laundry can wait! :))

    1. Ha ha ... yes, the laundry can wait! I hope you are having a great week Anu! x x



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