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Today's musings come in the form of some links I'd like to share with you, as I thought it would be a nice way of providing you with some weekend reading, inspiration and online shopping!

A new discovery, I can see that FIGTNY is going to become a regular go-to for fashion inspo.

These unique wooden spouts provide a beautifully natural alternative to traditional tapware.

My visual addiction aside, the words of this beautiful heart-felt post touched me, and for anyone else who has watched a parent lose their life to cancer I'm sure it will have the same effect.

A favourite of mine when it comes to art prints, I was excited to see these new designs

Something to calm the mind after a busy week, white, soft pink and copper never looked so good.

I'm lusting after the gorgeous jewellery on offer at my clever cousin Zoe's new online store Aden

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  1. I lost my mum at 15 but remember her death with pride as i believe in some weird way it was a beautiful experience. Or maybe that's just how i choose to remember it. I remember singing to her after she passed like it was yesterday. I think the year it affected me the most was actually the year i knew i had lived longer without her in my life than with. My life is split into two. The before and the after. Shame i don't remember as much from the before. But I think knowing you are going to die is a gift of sorts.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Thanks so much for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes. I know what you mean. As hard as it was, I'll always be grateful for the time I had with my Dad before he died. The memory you have of your Mum's passing is beautiful. x



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