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Serax Ceramics on my String Shelf


I first discovered the European homewares brand Serax, when I came across a range of gorgeous designs by French ceramic artist Cathérine Lovatt. In addition to running her own studio, Cathérine works as a freelance ceramicist for Serax. After quite literally becoming obsessed with her unique range of tableware and candleholders (which you would've seen from my recent wishlists), I knew I had to get my hands on some. Arriving recently, all the way from the lovely J.Levau Shop in Sweden, I have been having so much fun with these products. If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed them popping up in all my photos! 

The candleholders have been moved around from the String Shelf to the dining table to my bedside table, while the cute little bowl is great for breakfast. I also think it would make a very nice plant holder. Currently being used to store our Nespresso capsules, alongside the espresso cups in the kitchen, it's fair to say I need more of these in every size! For the purpose of this post, I've styled everything on my String Shelf, because really, what better place is there to showcase such lovely things? 

I love the distinctive shape of these pieces, as well as the matt texture of the ceramic. Finished in muted white and grey colours, they transfer easily from room to room. I've also since discovered that Serax produce a huge range of homewares, so I've started collecting a few more bits and pieces. The pyramid shaped Fuji Vase by Serax is also from J.Levau Shop, and in addition to this lovely dark grey, comes in a rose pink colour. Also on my wishlist, in case you're wondering!

The Calebas vase (on the top shelf) is by the Dutch artist Bart van Didden for Serax. I love the organic shape of his pieces. The matt white colour blends in beautifully with the the others. A touch of glass completes my current collection, thanks to the Edison light-bulb shaped vase, designed by Catherine Grandidier for Serax. While it can sit flat, I love it placed on its side. These two vases are from the recently re-opened Nest store in Newton, Auckland, who I was thrilled to discover stock a wide range of Serax products. I'm hoping they will bring in the Cathérine Lovatt range soon, otherwise I'll be shipping some more in myself. Now that I've had a taste, I can't stop!

To see the full range of Serax products, take a look here

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  1. LOVE THIS! Do you know by chance what kind of flowers is in the vase?

    1. Thanks Samila! They are Baby Breath - one of my favourites!! x



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