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Home Build Update | Downstairs Living


Apologies for the no-show yesterday. I often feel that there aren't enough hours in the day, and yesterday there really weren't! I was however working on blog-related things, including meeting with a couple of new sponsors. This year has certainly got off to a busy, but exciting start. I can't believe we're nearly into March already!

Last week I brought you the second instalment of Love Your Walls, featuring our downstairs living area, and the creation of the picture wall. A couple of days later I promised a follow up post to share more details of the room, so I've wrapped it up in the form of a Home Build update.

Firstly, I got the two Ikea picture ledges from Living Concepts, which I was originally going to place one above the other. Because some of my posters are fairly big, and we have a long sofa, I ended up creating one long ledge, by placing them side by side.

Custom made several years ago, in a very dark blue-black hard wearing fabric, the sofa was initially a modular shape, to fit the dimensions of our previous home's living area. I did some rearranging and found that in this new space, it looks better without the corner section and ottoman, leaving the two two-seaters placed side by side. A few people have asked me about the sofa, which makes me smile, because I think it's seen better days. In saying that, I like that it's big and comfy. Perfect for this kids area, it has a few years left in it yet! On the sofa, we have a gorgeous new Kate & Kate blanket from LET LIV. When I first introduced you to them here, I knew I had to get one. Incredibly soft, I love that they are warm and cosy, yet also light enough to use all year round.

You may remember me mentioning that this room is still a work in progress, and in fact in place of these gorgeous coffee tables, we currently have a Thomas the Tank Engine train table! Though practical, it is definitely not photo-worthy, and I was very lucky to have been lent the three beautiful Hay Tray Tables by one of my favourite Auckland stores Corporate Culture. These tables have been on my wishlist for a very long time, so it was great to be able to see how they looked in this space. Being able to play with three sizes, in black and white was a lot of fun, and I'm sure you'll agree they look superb! I would love to own even just one of the small sized tables. Perhaps when the kids are a bit older! 

I'm still deciding on cushions for this room, so these three are also on loan from Corporate Culture. They include the Dot Cushion by Hay, two of the new Hay Puzzle Cushions, and  a cushion from the MM Collection by talented NZ graphic Artist Emma Hayes

I came across the idea of using an Ikea bracket and pendant light from a few Scandi interior images on the web, and thought it would be a fun, easy and affordable feature, to suit the relaxed vibe of the room. I wanted a wood pendant to match our console table, but was having trouble finding one here in NZ. An introduction to the Wellington-based online store Pony Lane changed that, and before I knew it, they had sent me this lovely Wooden Light Pendant to try out! Designed to work with a large round bulb, for now I've used one of my Eric Therner Diamond Lights, which is the perfect size. The long grey cord, which is also available in bright blue and red and white stripes, winds easily around the bracket. 

Pony Lane was founded by sisters Jennifer and Karina Young, as a place to sell individually sourced products, as well as those designed and made themselves. With a focus on everyday staples for the home, as well as statement pieces, they seek to offer items not found anywhere else. Make sure you check them out!

Providing a contrast to the white walls and ledge, I stuck with black frames for this room. The picture ledges create a point of difference to the upstairs living room picture wall, but I was also drawn to the versatility of them. I like the idea of regularly changing things around (as evident in the Love Your Walls post) and this new Playtype 2014 Calendar has been moved back and forth from the ledge to the console a few times already! The Kristian Vedel Bird is from LET LIV. A Scandi design classic, my kids love this little guy as much as I do! 

The gorgeous Home Sweet Home Print is from Henry and Co, whose delightful range of pillowcases and cushions, were featured in this post. Take a look at the full range of art prints here. Also affordable and fun, the small frames house two of my favourite greeting cards - Bon Bon by Ragdoll Illustrations from Superette, and by Birdinabunnysuit. I made the cross out of coloured card from Gordon Harris.

Finally, you may remember last week in this post, I said I wanted two kids desks for the room, placed side by side for my sons. Well, someone was listening, and I've since been sent two gorgeous desks to review, so keep an eye out for that on the blog soon. I'm also in the process of choosing a couple of affordable stools or chairs. I'm hoping to have it all sorted in time for a home shoot, and my son's birthday next week. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Beautiful!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  2. I think everything works very well all together!
    I have an ikea ledge above the sofa in my living room as well. I love how it makes it so easy to change how everything is placed and combining frames and small objects. :)

    Keep up the good work on the blog!




    1. Thanks Sofia. I agree! I'm definitely enjoying the flexibility of the picture ledge x



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