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Marble | Black + White


Being a lover of marble in all its forms, I get excited when I see it used in interiors. I particularly love white marble paired with white walls and cabinetry, in kitchens and bathrooms. We went with this combination in our home, and I really love how the marble adds interest, warmth and texture. Another look that really appeals right now, is marble with contrasting black accents. The kitchen below is a perfect example with its marble bench top/splash back and black tap ware and wall lamps.

While black marble wouldn't be my first choice for my own interiors, it can certainly look amazing, and really add drama to your home. I would be happy to settle for just a touch of black marble, by way of accessories. The Faux Marble Posters and Post Cards by Playtype are perfect. They also work when mixed in with white marble, as beautifully demonstrated by Weekday Carnival and My Dubio below. 

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Increasingly popular in interiors, the marble trend has spread to fashion and accessories. 

Robert Rodriguez Spring 2014

1 Soulland Playtype Faux Black Marble Sweatshirt
2 Nike Roshe Run Marble
3 Case Scenario White Marble iPhone 5 Cover
4 Playtype Faux Marble Notepads

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  1. Alo
    If you like marble so much you can not loose the "Marmoris Hotel" in Alentejo, Portugal. An hotel with marble every where! Desgin and luxury!

    I let you the link:





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