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In case you missed it, I posted the first of this Instagram series about a week ago, as a way of sharing my own feed, as well as those of some of my favourite instagrammers. I loved receiving feedback from those of you who are on Instagram, and I hope that it may encourage those of who aren't to hop on board! 

Images via my Instagram

While I got the house ready for a shoot last Friday, I took advantage of the fresh flowers and gorgeous Hexagon Blush Bed Linen from Thread Design to take snaps for my IG feed! We received more beautiful flowers from friends on the weekend, and you can also see a glimpse of our washi-tape Christmas tree which has been a big hit with the boys! Our home will appear in the next issue of Adore Home, the gorgeous Australian online magazine, due out on December 1st. See a sneak peek over on the Adore Home blog

In yesterday's Monday Mix Up post, I introduced you to Maaike Koster of My Deer. Based in the Netherlands, Maaike is a multi-talented graphic designer and interior stylist, and proud mum to two boys. A recent discovery, her IG feed is one of the most beautiful I have seen. Filled with monochrome loveliness (the family dog included), my heart literally melts at the photos of her home and family.

If you're on Instagram, and you haven't yet discovered Stephanie Somebody, then it's time to climb out from under your rock! Somewhat of a legend in the world of Instagram, Stephanie has close to 129 thousand followers, which in the words of Megan Morton is "more followers than Kylie Minogue". A teacher at Megan's The School, Stephanie recently visited Auckland and from what I've heard, wowed all those who attended her class, Instagram Debunked. Her feed is pure magic, making it very hard to pick just a few photos, so I went with a 'kitchen' theme as a way of narrowing it down. It also showcases Stephanie's beautifully natural, organic style. For those not yet on Instagram, you can check out her website here

Knowing how big a fan I am of Weekday Carnival, the blog by Finnish photographer and designer Riikka Kantinkosk, it will come as no surprise that I find her Instagram feed to be up there with the best. What I love about Instagram is that it provides another layer and further inspiration from those whose blogs you follow. It's easy to 'like' and comment, making interaction easy and fun. Riikka's lovely styling and eye for detail is shown in these pictures which include her home and also a cute cafe. I love the combination of white with black and pink, as well as the addition of natural wood and metallic touches. 

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  1. I'm a newbie to Instagram, as you know, but I absolutely love it. The thought of yet another form of social media, when I'm already sooo busy, was what was scaring me. But I'm so pleased I finally made the plunge, I think it's my favourite so far. x

    1. I know what you mean - already so much to juggle, but worth it now! Stoked to see you on there Vic and loving your feed! x



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